DaiSy tHe DoNkEy

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Celebrity news now, And the beloved children’s
entertainer Daisy the Donkey Has suffered what can only be
described as an on-set meltdown. Good morning, little children! Good morning, Daisy! Welcome to “Daisy the Donkey Show”! Today I’ve got a special surpr– Hi, kids-s-s-s! I can’t believe this. Did you read the script? You’re supposed to come in after my line! Sorry, man.
I was just improvising. You know, winging it. So, kids, is everybody s– Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay! First off, you don’t call me “man.” You call me Miss Daisy. And secondly, just stick to the darn script! Dude, we’re live. I don’t care if we’re live! You’re an amateur surfing on my wave! And right now you’re ruining my show! Hey.
Did you just push me? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. ‘Cause I’ll push you right back! Ow! My eyes-s-s-s! Okay, go to commercial. Go to commercial! Okay, go to card. Now, please! Now! Miss Donkey, whose real name is Antoine Perez, Has been sentenced to two weeks community service.


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