Deputies: Palmetto horse stolen, slaughtered for meat



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  1. brenda horn

    December 4, 2019 2:23 am

    wake the fuck up who in there culture loves horse meat, the muslims, look in their freezers and cooking pots, if you have them living in the area, or chinese people, sorry if you think im racist, but its their culture, just like one time i a jamican dish and when i commented that it was good but small bones i have never seen before what meat was this from and was told cat, never threw up so fast when i heard that, so look to who is new in the area, they get tired of just lamb and chicken, and they wont steal your pigs maybe chinese will, in vancouver the vetable gardens and farmers who have gardens had a bunch of their vetables disappearing for a while then some got caught, all chinese people, most were resturant owners in vancouver


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