Do You Store Your Boat on a Lake with Zebra Mussels?

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((music)) [Patricia Thompson]
Hi. I’m Patricia Thompson and I’m a an aquatic
invasive species biologist with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Do you store your boat on a lake? If that lake has zebra mussels, like the one
behind me, chances are they’ve attached themselves to your boat. Zebra mussels can attach themselves to your
hull or propeller and can cause serious damage to your boat. They can even atach in hard to see places
like intakes, through hull fittings and motor mounts. [Patricia]
Before moving your boat from a lake known to have zebra mussels, it need to be decontaminated
and inspected. Just because you son’t see them, doesn’t mean
they aren’t there. So it’s critical that you call Texas Parks
and Wildlife’s 24/7 at 512-389-4848 for guidance. Moving your boat to another lake without following
decontamination guidelines puts the other lake at high risk for a new infestation. It’s up to you to protect the lakes you love. ((music ends))


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