Donkey in Tiger’s Skin – Panchatantra In English – Moral Stories for Kids – Children’s Fairy Tales

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Truth will never die. Once upon a time there was a doby, who had a thin donkey. He was very poor so he count not see the donkey properly and sufficiently. But the loads of dirty clothes were increasing. One day the donkey complained to the Master. Master I’am not able to carry so much load. The food you give me is not sufficient. Why don’t you do something to ease my difficulty. You are an animal with five senses. You are my slave, I am your master. You have no right to complaint about your difficulties. Do what I say. Even though the washer man was harsh to the donkey, He took pity on the donkey. He could see the donkey suffering. What to do… he was thinking like this and he was walking down when he saw a dead tiger. He thought of an idea. He covered the donkey with the tiger’s skin. Then the donkey looked like a tiger. Hey donkey … You have been asking me for a favor for a very long time I don’t understand what you say Master. You can’t understand anything. Go to the nearest wheat field. Eat to your hearts content. Master your suggestion is good suppose something happens to me….. dangerous everywhere, you can’t live if your are afraid of everything. He convinced the donkey and sent him. The donkey had worn the tigers skin and emptied the paddy field. Many days passed but the farmers who owned the fields was scared of the tiger and didn’t know what to do. But some of them decided to catch it however. One day as as usual the donkey in the farm of tiger came. Some where another donkey was there. This donkey forgot the tigers role he was playing and started to brey. Others found that it was donkey and not a tiger They came running with canes and clumps and bet the donkey to death. At night when the donkey didn’t return home the doby went in search of the donkey. He saw the dead donkey and realized what had happened. He thought that if he claimed that as his donkey he would get the same treatment and quietly went back. Moral : The basic nature never changes. However while tries to cheat others basic nature will reveal its true color. Come on little bunnies… Give thumbs up for the video, Share with your friends, and subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos.


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