Donkey Kick

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This is one of the five exercises of the body weight category. For this category in particular, I want you to execute the exercises in a flat surface like grass or a rug, that in some way will helps us absorb the impact and by doing so we take care of our knees. It is very important that you pay attention to your technique, posture and that you warm up and stretch before starting. The next exercise is called donkey kick. You are going to think you will kick backwards, as the word says, as if you were a donkey. Now, this exercise you can do it at different levels, if you aren not strong enough, you can start kicking downwards, and as you improve your strength you are going to elevate your legs each time higher. You are going to do it down, start on my feet, support hands. Take care and see you all soon, all be well. Bye!


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