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This video is possible thanks to your kind support to the project on Patreon, where you can help with its maintenance with only 1USD per month Thanks! We already had a chance in the past of analyzing the first Donkey Kong Country It was in a review from 2012 that came out with so much mediocrity that, if it was not because of my lack of free time and my handsomeness in the video with 60 pounds less, I would have deleted it already and remake it again as it should be Anyway, we know the first Donkey Kong Country amazed everyone with its pre-rendered apes and plastic trees well, everyone except Mr. Miyamoto, right? RARE decided if they were going to make a sequel of that game considered by many people as their “Magnum Opus” it was necessary to take to the limit all the knowledge of its development team, as well as improving the technological and design aspects to reach such goal The plot? We have all the family of hairy-brown monkeys *chuclking* Monkeys… so, they were enjoying some well deserved days off after recovering Donkey Kong’s banana collection when suddenly, King K. Rool appears again, kidnapping the homonym hero of the saga leaving a rescue letter in which he demands the recovered bunch of bananas in exchange for Donkey because, yep, lizards need bananas… geez… I think this story is worse than the previous game one Yeah, that’s why I said it. It turn out that the only monkeys available to rescue Donkey at the moment are Diddy, who came back from the previous game, her girlfriend Dixie, the always sarcastic-fourth-breaking-wall and Donkey Kong’s grandpa called Cranky And, before you come here saying Cranky is the father of Donkey, he clarifies the situation of his relationship with him at the end of the game, ok? whell, what was I saying? oh yeah, we have Funky back from the previous game and debuting here for the first time , Wrinkly and Swanky If at this moment you’re wandering about the main character being lost in action in this game and its sequel I’m gonna pass you some gossip. Even though a little gossip cannot be assumed as something confirmed As heard somewhere, in words of Rare members working in this saga, Nintendo, and particularly Shigeru Miyamoto, were so jealous of the British company achievements on the Japanese hardware that they constantly sent notes made phone calls in Japanese… (just kidding) It was such a nuisance that the British decided in a sort of revenge, send the only character created by the Big N to freeze (Donkey Kong), leaving the lights exclusively to the characters created by Rare: that is, the rest of them Anyway, getting back to business in this game Diddy Kong gets back with his skills and characteristics intact from the previous game I mean, he makes a car whirl to defeat enemies and, um… has a very cute red cap About Dixie, we find she has a versatile blond hair achieved by persevering years of avoiding the temptation of washing it By the use of such dirty and stiffy hair, Dixie can hang from hooks easily, beat her enemies and using it as a propeller to descend softly Who would suppose the lack of hygiene habits would bring good consequences… Just as the first game, if you make contact with a foe, your monkey will run terrified before having the chance of throw their poop to the enemies letting the secondary primate to take over But in this time the support character is not only an alternative player or a decoration because, when you press A on the control you can ride it in a “brinquitiburro” way to throw them at high platforms after that and reaching higher than if you’ve used a regular jump But, be careful! Better you don’t want to use your partner as a projectile against the enemies, because they will receive damage and you’ll lose them. They are living creatures, don’t be a jerk Do you remember the collectible items from the first game? The KONG letters and the bonus games that you had to find if you wanted to reach the desired 101%? Well, they are back here with a lot of new stuff like they were in the Chachi’s birthday party In this new stuff, we find some coins marked with bananas that you need to spend if you want the Kong crew members help you. Some alligator-coins that will be useful to make your way to the Lost World, and some giant coins with the letters “DK”, that… in fact, they are like the butt of a virgin Otaku because you can’t spend them in nothing but you will need to find them if you want to complete the full percentage of the game which is, for this time, 102% 102%? Can someone lend a calculator to the Rare staff, please? Let me be more specific about this Do you remember we talked about Kong Family at the beginning? Well, Funky Kong has the same functions of the previous game that is, he will let you use his plane to reach zones that you visited before but making the relocation in a matter of seconds The problem is it seems the oil prices and dolar balance affect this hairy friend, forcing him to charge you the first travel Turbosine and stuff, you know? In other hand, Wrinkly Kong, who is replacing Candy Kong, will take the role of letting you save your progress in the cartridge’s battery … besides, she will let you avoid those zoophilic desires of the previous game Well, unless gerontophilia is your thing And, don’t! don’t! dontdontdontdontdontdontdontdontdontdontdont Don’t search “gerontophilia”on Google, for God’s sake *sigh* Now I have another traume to deal with my psychiatrist at the end of the month… Anyway, with this old lady you’ll have the chance of saving your progress even though – just like a drug dealer- only the first time is free, bro but after that it will cost you, my friend She also gives tips, no no no, sorry she sells you tips and strategies to understand your new skills and find new secrets The truth is, it’s better to save your money Swanky Kong is some kind of Marco Antonio Regil but in a monkey form, and he lets you participate in a trivia contest that, for each one correctly solved will give you extra lives as a reward Well, it happens whenever you can pay off your quota to be admitted in the contest which is, yeah, banana coins… right? And finally, Cranky who gives you-I mean! sells you advice that is, he basically does not give a shit about his grandson money is what he likes money that apparently uses to buy, besides other stuff, an original Killer instinct arcade Woah! who would have thought the Microsoft license to show the arcade and the Chief Thunder’s poster in a Nintendo’s property costed only 2$ Now, crocodile coins are found only in the different bonus hidden in each level You will need to spend these coins with a troll that won’t allow you to enter in the lost world unless you reach the price And what is the Lost World? Basically it’s conformed by some optional levels that are very difficult to complete besides, they have a lot of new elements that do not appear in regular levels and you’ll have to conquer if you want to reach the 100…. I mean, the “102”% in the game Animal friends are back not only with new skills, but a lot of new members From the first game we have the rhino, the swordfish, and the parrot The two first ones keep practically the same as the first game However, if you keep button A pressed you’ll can make a stronger attack than the regular one among other things, this will allow you to break walls and access to secret bonus As for the parrot, his skills were drastically changed in this game because on this occasion you can use it as a flying vehicle and his new defense strategy is spiting… …some nuts? Ah, I don’t know, something like that About the new companions, we have a BIG SPIDER that would make me change my underwear if I found one in real life This spider can throw spider web to destroy enemies and create platforms to reach high places Also, there is a snake that jumps very high and – if you press button A – will duplicate the height of its jump and finally, but not less important, the top animal friend and its the guy using the control to move Diddy Kong on the screen Did you catch it, didn’t you? I mean, you… the one pushing buttons and… Oh, well, you have no humor sense at all Something new about animal companions is there will be some levels that will be played only with them ¡Ándale! That’s similar to some bonus stages in the previous game However, in this case the animal companions will be used in regular levels. That is, defeating enemies and such. Other difference is that animal companions are only for temporary use because of the sign posted at some point in the level making the animal companion disappear giving you some prize as a compensation, like a coin or bananas Within the novelties found in Donkey Kong Country 2 we find some hybrid levels that is, levels in which some parts you will have to cross it by feet while others are made for swimming That’s different of the first game, in which water levels are water-only This gives place to some new difficulty elements, like levels where the water gets too hot and you’ll have to cool it down with a seal spit or you will have to freeze it using … well, a seal spit, too Why? Who knows? videogame logic, I guess Do you remember the anticlimactic feeling at the end of each level in the previous game? well, here we have a sort of flag’s stick that contains a prize you will have if you fall from certain height in the target at the side and this is not the only new thing because the level design in DKC2 is more complex and substantial than in the previous game. This is because you’ll find a lot of new platforms and interactive elements for example, ropes to hang up hot air balloons that must be used correctly to cross over big sections of lava barrels that are activated for specific characters air currents that impulse you on certain directions, upwards included and a long etcetera While the aesthetics in the levels of the previous game tended to be congruent with a wild, relatively realistic, jungle, in this sequel Rare’s team let their imagination go wild So, we find theme parks, a diamond mine, an active volcano, a haunted house, and even the inside of a wasp honeycomb Scenarios that surely are familiar to a pair of monkeys and no one can object that because I have to watch Curious George every day, ok? By the way, music is something highly remarkable in this game which is truly fantastic! David Wise, the composer of the OST for DKC2, He not only settled for making unforgettable melodies, but took the trouble to make fanfares for when you lose a life and when a level is completed in a way that these had an instrumentation according to the musical composition presented in the whole scene The difficulty considering the previous game is quite high even though, if I’m sincere, I feel such difficulty was artificially elevated sometimes I am referring specifically to the raison d’être of such banana coins and that’s because, honestly, not being able to save at will was a bit annoying especially if we consider the save points, just as the previous DKC, are scarce in the whole game The truth is, the fact of not being able to use such a basic function is not a capital offense just because it is not a micro-transaction Once again, bosses seem to be a weak point in this saga even if Rare put some creativity in attack patterns, movement routines and weaknesses the Bosses’ appearance are not the top of creativity well, at least they are not like the previous ones those that only were big representations of dull foes that you’d find in any standard level Now that I’ think about it, and now that we are in negative vibes other bothersome details were, on the one hand, the fact that neither banana coins nor extra lives are saved by the battery and for the same reason you’d have to get those things again each time That situation complicated everything if you had finished with al Swanky Kong’s trivias and got al the prices he gives in with you correct answers and yeah, conveniently the ‘finished’ status does keep registered by the batterry Cool, isn’t? And by other hand, do you remember the navigation routes that you used in the previous game map? Well, they do not exist in this game which is maybe a silly thing, but it annoyed me enough but well, being fair, they corrected many little problems existing in the previous game and that clarify some elements in the current game Elements like the letter ‘B’ on bonus barrels to identify them easily or the brief instructions before each bonus, letting you know what must be done to completing it successfully this is highly appreciated In conclusion, Donkey Kong Country 2 with all its little flaws is an excellent game that surely deserves some hours of your attention It improved each of the features established in the previous game generating an impeccable experience… …eh?… hello there?… did it die? well, almost impeccable If you have never played any game of the DK saga, this one is a good start, and – taking this opportunity – if your only chance of having it is the Game Boy Advance remake, even if its graphics are not equal of the SNES version this is highly compensated with additional content and portability


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  1. Ricardo Toscano

    June 23, 2017 12:41 am

    critica muy simplona para una joya como este juego, habla como si fuera un juego cualquiera

  2. LaBoinaNegra

    June 23, 2017 12:51 am

    Como me encantan tus reseñas y solo por tratarse de ti desactivo el adblock y veo de principio a fin toda esa mugre publicidad, todo sea por ayudarte Arturo….

  3. Chucho Rizo

    June 23, 2017 4:23 am

    Ah Rare, Miyamoto te tuvo tanta envidia y temor qe convencio a los de arriba en venderte.

  4. Kai kiske sammet

    June 23, 2017 5:52 am

    me gustan tus reseñas, te sigo desde el 2012 y es genial que sigas conservando las misma esencia de siempre.

  5. Kaiser Bach

    June 23, 2017 4:07 pm

    este sin duda el mejor juego de dkc.
    yo creo que la musica es facilmente de los mejores soundtracks de toda la historia de los video juegos.

  6. TheOniProducciones

    June 23, 2017 4:24 pm

    Lo del salvado me recuerda al primer juego de Resident Evil, que debías encontrar cintas, tinteros o lo que fuera para poder salvar.

  7. gonzalo garcia

    June 23, 2017 4:28 pm

    arturo te felicito por tus reseňas son muy entretenidas y siempre le agregas ese toque de humor ,esperare con ansias la reseňa del donkey kong country 3

  8. claudio castagnoli

    June 23, 2017 5:41 pm

    buen video arturo,para mi y para muchos tambien, el donkey kong country 2 es el mejor de la trilogia,y una pregunta; porque nunca recomiendas la emulacion?no te gusta porque piensas que los juegos corren mejor en la consola o lo consideras una clase de pirateria?podrias dar tu opinion en un video algun dia?saludos desde argentina

  9. ariel rodrigo jara bequer

    June 23, 2017 7:33 pm

    respetado gordo cuarenton paleteao como diriamos en chile. te pasaste ojala consigas el dkc3 de snes para que lo reseñes. deberias poner añ igual que en megaman una
    "CHANGO reseña"

  10. Rola Morales

    June 23, 2017 8:21 pm

    Don Arturo llevo viendo sus videos por 4 años y no veo cambio en usted, se ve igual de guapo y delgado 🙂
    por cierto cuando podremos llamarlo gordo pelon "cincuenton"?

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    Uno de tus mejores videos, completo, informativo, me gusta que a diferencia de muchas reseñas anteriores decias todo lo que tenias que decir (me refiero que algunas reseñas solo explicas de que va el juego pero no dices si es bueno o malo o la calida de su mecanicas o weas asi) me encanta el rumbo que estan tomando tus videos este ultimo año. Suerte

  12. Ivan Gonzalez

    June 24, 2017 12:52 am

    Arturo! ya reseñaste The binding of isaac? sino, aunque sea probalo, te lo recomiendo totalmente, es un vicio una vez que le agarras la mano y todo en unos hermosos graficos 2D lleno de humor negro.

  13. luis enrique vargas azcona

    June 24, 2017 8:53 am

    Yo no estoy seguro si jugar este juego, jugué el primer Donkey Kong Country y me pareció muy meh (básicamente tengo la misma opinión que Miyamoto del primer juego), no sé si el segundo me parecería diferente.

  14. OrlissGamer 18

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    June 24, 2017 4:45 pm

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  16. Darknyte00

    June 26, 2017 5:31 am

    6:18 Sr. Arturo, le recuerdo que gran parte de su audiencia, tiene casi 40, sabemos lo que es la germanofilia, desde antes de que existiera YouTube

  17. Buritzu

    June 26, 2017 8:01 am

    12:05 "todos los dias tengo que ver jorge el curioso"… =O.. eres papá ya don Arturo !? =O ..

  18. Tonathiu Aguilar Pascual

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  19. Slice of doggo / Pete Simon

    July 4, 2017 12:22 am

    Seguramente el DKC 3 tendrá 1035749%

    Estoy de acuerdo, alguien prestele una calculadora a Rare

  20. Leonardo Lema

    July 4, 2017 3:04 am

    A los de Rare no les importa la identidad de sus personajes ya que aquí dice que Cranky es el abuelo de DK y en el Donkey Kong 64 dice que es su papa. Y encima en el manual de Donkey Kong Country dice que Cranky era DK antes pero en el 2 Cranky dice que nunca lo secuestraron cuando era joven y encima los de Nintendo en el Super Smash Bros 64 y Melee dice que DK es el de siempre aparte de seguir poniendo a DK Jr en juegos sin envejecer y diciendo en los Game & Watch Gallery que DK es el papa de DK Jr y en Super Smash Bros Melee dice que DK Jr es el mismo de siempre, encima en Super Smash Bros Brawl dice que el abuelo de DK peleo contra Mario en una épica batalla hace mucho tiempo. Y en Yoshi's Island DS pusieron a Baby DK junto con Baby Mario y los otros bebes. A mi me parece que no les importa la identidad de sus personajes. Por eso prefiero pensar que DK y DK Jr son los mismos de siempre y que Cranky sea el papa de DK porque si DK es adulto entonces su papa debe ser anciano.

  21. djin64

    July 5, 2017 7:23 pm

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    August 11, 2017 1:31 pm

    hace algunos meses me suscribi a este canal, por el nombre, por la edad, por el contenido puedo augurar un buen éxito de este canal para todos los que somos nostálgicos y crecimos con la snes el nes, con club Nintendo etc, ya hacia falta un canal asi dedicado a los gamers nostálgicos mexicanos o latinoamericanos, porque el angry nerd es bueno pero enfocado a audiencias estadounidenses

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    Pero, si Marco Antonio Regil ya es un pinchi chango, esto es redundante :v
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    ¡Ah!, y para los chavitos pubertos que no saben más allá de Call of Duty y Minecraft, Cranky Kong no puede ser papá del Donkey Kong de la saga Country porque Cranky es papá de Donkey Kong Jr., ya con eso hagan cuentas y les sale quién es el padre del Donkey de plástico.

  26. retromentodo

    January 23, 2018 5:09 pm

    Pues para mi lo de que no se guarde ni las vidas extra ni las monedas me parece buena idea. Lo digo porque vengo de jugar a juegos de DK mas Modernos, y es enfermiza la cantidad de monedas y vidas extra que tienes. Que se te borren hacen que cada partida te devuelva a la tensión y a tomarte muy en serio la partida…No puede ser ni tan larga ni tan corta como te gustaria, pero si no tienes una vida llena de emergencias inesperadas vale la pena.

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    When habla de Otakus vírgenes, but el es un Sr. Gordo de como 40 años hace vídeos sobre videojuegos :v


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