Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze REVIEW!

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The first console I have ever owned when I
was a kid was the Super Nintendo. And I remember playing two game series in
particular as a kid. Super Mario and Donkey Kong Country. I used to own all 3 games in the original
Donkey Kong Country Trilogy and they still are, to this day, some of the best platformers
I have ever played! So, obviously, during E3 2010, when Reggie
came on stage to reveal Donkey Kong Country Returns, I was pretty stoked! The game looked like a direct sequel to the
original trilogy and ended up being so much more. Then, a couple of years later, a sequel to
this reboot was announced for the Wii U in the form of Donkey Kong Tropical Cheese. Oh wait, it’s called tropical freeze…
ohhh that makes way more sense! The game was pretty good, heck, I even featured
it in my Top 10 Wii U games video so you know I’m not lying here! So now, fast forward to 2018, the game gets
to live a second life on the Nintendo Switch. Is it worth re-playing it? Or, if you haven’t played it yet, is it
worth playing? Well, I’m not gonna try to clickbait you,
yes, it is worth playing it, and yes it is worth re-playing it! Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is an
amazing Donkey Kong game and it takes everything that made DKC Returns good and builds on top
of it to make it even better! But before we get into this review, I suggest
grabbing some food to make sure not to starve! This way, you can enjoy the whole video! The story in this game goes like this: DK
and his pals are celebrating his birthday while suddenly an army of walruses, penguins
and other ice animals attack their island and blast them far away, you know, kinda like
Team Rocket in the Pokémon anime. It’s not just me right? Look, it’s just like the anime! It is now your job to navigate through the
many different islands until you get back to your DK Island and get it back, hopefully. Why do I say hopefully, you might ask? Well, it’s because this game ain’t easy. You are gonna die a lot of times for sure. At least, Donkey Kong has new buddies to help
him on his quest this time around. Diddy Kong is back with his hovering barrel,
but Dixie Kong makes her appearance, allowing you to have a little air-boost when you jump
with her. Finally, there’s Cranky Kong that comes
as a playable character with his cane that allows him to bounce on pretty much anything,
including spikes. To be fair, those new characters are pretty
cool, but I end up using Dixie throughout most of my playthrough, ‘cause I feel she’s
the most powerful character. She’s almost overpowered compared to the
other ones! But behold, a brand new character exclusive
to the Switch version. Funky Kong! Yup, everyone’s favorite Mario Kart Wii
racer is now a playable character in the main Donkey Kong franchise for the first time ever. And you know, this is how I mainly played
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, because I had already beaten the entire game on the
Wii U, so I really wanted to see what this brand new Funky Mode was all about. Turns out it really changes the way you play
the game. Funky Kong is meant to make your play through
a little bit easier, because he has more hit points, and he can also walk on spiky things
because of his surf board, he has a double jump that he can use at any time, and he can
breathe forever underwater. The double jump feature is pretty similar
to Dixie’s hair helicopter move thingy, except its instant. Like you jump, you press, and boom, you double
jump! There’s no delay! To be fair, it does make the game easier,
but not easy. For players that got frightened by Donkey
Kong Country Returns’ difficulty on the Wii, try using Funky Kong on your first play
through, you’ll probably enjoy this game way more! Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze’s levels
feature different things to collect. There are bananas, which give you extra lives,
there are banana coins, which allow you to buy stuff from the shop. You also have to find the KONG letters in
every levels and there are also puzzle pieces hidden in every levels. If you want to collect all of those things,
you’re really gonna have to explore every inch of every levels ever, because some of
the puzzle pieces are really hard to find! There are also secret exits that you can take
to find new special levels, and collecting the KONG letters in all of the levels of a
specific world will allow you to explore a very difficult special stage. Those special stages will really test your
platformer skills, trust me, these ones are pretty difficult! To help you on your quest, you can visit Funky’s
shop to buy extra lives, partner barrels, additional hearts and you can even hire Squawk
the bird to help you find puzzle pieces. Now, I’m going to answer everyone’s question
right away. What happens if you visit Funky’s shop as
Funky Kong? Are we gonna have a Luigi inception like we
did in Super Mario Galaxy? The answer is… No. Funky is just replaced by a red parrot with
a lot of street cred. The shop also allows you to buy collectables
figurines that you can later look at in the gallery. These remind me a lot of the trophies in the
Super Smash Bros. series, that’s a pretty good thing! Every world ends with a boss battle, and those
boss battles are pretty entertaining to say the least! Those enemies have different pattern and evolve
throughout the battle. You might think you have figured them out,
but then they completely change their attack pattern and you have to adapt yourself during
the fight. This is one thing that a lot of other platformers
don’t have. For example, in the New Super Mario Bros.
series, after hitting an enemy twice, it doesn’t really change its pattern so you can defeat
him way easily. The battles in Donkey Kong are way better
in my opinion! The game really shines in the level design
aspect. All of the stages in this game are different
from the previous one. They all tell a different story. One minute, you’ll be in a happy savanna
during a festival, the next one you’ll be in a tornado dodging objects and enemies flying
in your direction! And not to mention those beautiful levels
where all you see are the outlines of your characters. These levels were already beautiful in DKC
Returns but are now in gorgeous HD in Tropical Freeze! Speaking of HD, DKC Tropical Freeze runs at
a solid 60fps at 1080p in docked mode and that really shows, like the game is fluid,
it’s crisp, it’s clear, it’s beautiful. The mine cart levels are back this time around,
and are harder than ever! My favorite mine cart level has to be the
one that takes place in a saw mill, where there are dangerous saws and other cutting
things all over the place, you even end up losing your mine cart to a piece of wood that
floats on water and the level will literally get built in front of you as you play it! This is freakin’ original and this is pretty
awesome! It seems like a lot of time and effort was
put to ensure that every level was different from the previous one. And you know what? It worked! This is, to me, what distinguish this game
from, let’s say, Mario. With Mario, every world has a theme, Grass,
Desert, Ice and all of the levels from that specific world are similar to the previous
one. This is not the case with Donkey Kong. Sure, there are themes to every worlds, but
every level explore that theme in a very different manner! The game also features a 2 player mode where
you and a pal can play locally, one playing as Donkey and the other as either Diddy, Dixie
or Cranky. This mode is pretty cool, but actually makes
the game a whole lot harder to be quite honest, I died a lot more playing in this mode than
I did in the single-player mode. Now comes another question, should you buy
the game? Well, obviously, I loved this game, but you
have to take into consideration that it is a port of a Wii U game sold for full price
on the Switch, four years later. If you already own the game for Wii U, it’s
hard for me to recommend picking it up for 60 dollars on the Switch, because it doesn’t
add new levels, it only adds Funky Kong. If you haven’t played it before and you’re
a fan of platformer games, well, then, totally, go ahead, pick it up for sure! It’s a very solid game and playing it anywhere
using the Switch is pretty dank!  
In the end, I really enjoyed my experience with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It’s a very solid game made by passionate
gamers and it’s really fun from beginning to end. This is one of those games that have no down-time
or boring parts. You’ll never want to stop playing it once
you get your hands on it! The brand new Funky Mode is really cool mode
novice players that just want to get through the game without raging at the difficulty,
so this is a very welcomed addition! I give this game 8 hamburgers out of 10. Why hamburgers? Well…my name is NicoBBQ, might as well make
it mean something. Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed this video! Be sure to subscribe and turn on the notifications
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