Donkey Meat Allegedly Part of E.U. Horse Meat Crisis


(Image source: Wiikimedia Commons)


The European horsemeat crisis is getting more confusing.  Just when
you thought you knew what your ‘beef’ was actually made out of — turns out, one
more animal might have snuck in there.

Now, there could reportedly be a Romanian donkey
to go along with that horse and cow— all combined to make up a beef burger?

to The Independent— it’s possible. And they believe a major reason could be Romania’s
2006 ban on horse-drawn carriages. Donkeys have also been added to the list which means
more animals are being put down.

“Horses have been banned from Romanian roads and millions
of animals have been sent to the slaughterhouse.”  
So, how did it get from Romania to supermarket
shelves in 16 countries? France 24 maps out the mystery meat’s journey that began with
Romanian agents…

“Working for a Dutch subcontractor acting for the French
company Spangero. It was then sold on to the company’s main client Comigel. From Comigel’s
factors in Luxembourg it made ready meals…”

Ready meals for French companies like Findus, whose
lasagnas were found to have 100 percent horsemeat. And as Bloomberg reports— the French government
is now promising to take legal action.

“It now says its ready to press charges that could
result in imprisonment. That’s got the countries big supermarkets removing even more products
from their shelves.”

The UK government is also heavily involved, giving food producers
a week to test beef products. But as Irish Examiner points out, there’s not much officials
can do unless the horse meat poses a health risk— which it does not.


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