Dozens of crews work on fire at Thoroughbred Center

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63 FIREFIGHTERS FROM 32 DIFFERENT UNITS WORKED THAT TWO-ALARM FIRE AT THE THOROUGHBRED CENTER. CREWS TELL US THEY USED A DEFENSIVE ATTACK TO TRY AND PUT OUT THE FLAMES. WKYT’S SEAN MOODY CONTINUES OUR TOP STORY TEAM COVERAGE WITH MORE ON THE AMOUNT OF MANPOWER IT TAKES TO FIGHT A FIRE THAT LARGE. SEAN INTRO: The Lexington fire department has a huge presence out here. There are trucks all along Paris Pike and up on the property. They say it’s going to be a long day. VO: There are somewhere around 50-60 firefighters on scene. They had to bring in so many because of the size of the building and because the high winds are making the battle tougher. This is a much bigger fire than the department routinely goes out to, but a firefighter told me they just remember their training and get to work. While they’re out here, they also have to be ready for anything else that might pop up around the city. They say they have backup plans for that. SOT: Major Lee Hayden/Lexington Fire Dept. “We’ve done what we call move up. We move trucks to different areas so we can give sufficient coverage for the rest of the city. We’re not going to leave the rest of the city vulnerable,” SEAN TAG: They’re not sure how long they’ll have all these firefighters on scene. They just say they’re preparing for a long day. In Lexington, Sean Moody WKYT. THE FIRE DEPARTMENT ALSO HAS MUTUAL AID AGREEMENTS WITH SURROUNDING AREAS… BUT SO FAR THEY’VE BEEN ABLE TO HANDLE THIS ON THEIR OWN.


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