Dragonlore Nasıl Saddle Alınır? | Roblox Dragonlore

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Hi Guys! Today I Will Show You How To Make Saddle At The Dragonlore! First Talk With This Guy He Will Give A Knife To You *Trying to send a message to brother* *Still Trying* And Then Kill Deers And Bucks Watch Me Now! *feelings of failure* F A I L Dude This Dragon Eats Everything! *wants to eat more* When The Bucks/Deers Health Low Equip Your Knife And Wait For Your Dragon When Your Dragon Attacks And Kills Go And Click Deer/Buck With Knife Watch Again You Cant Get A Squirels Skin Because Its Too Little Nice Aim Equip Knife And Click Deer/Buck Here is Skins We Got You Need 25 More For A Saddle And Your Dragon Have To Be Level 18 For Fly Lets Go Back To Saddle Creator Michael *Go When You Got 25 Skins* The Saddle Crafter Did You Know When This Video Finished Smellyman Joined This Server I Take The Thumbnail Of Video From His Dragon! He is Streaming Game Develops At The Twitch You Can Go And Watch Him! Now Equip Knife And Press F At The Leather Cutting Station When You Do This Your Skins Turned Into A Leather! And We Got Leathers Time To Talk With Michael For Saddle! *Trying To Kill Dragon


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