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The Ass And The Wolf An Ass was feeding in a
pasture near a wood when he saw a Wolf lurking in the
shadows along the hedge. He easily guessed what the
Wolf had in mind, and thought of a plan to
save himself. So he pretended he was lame, and began to hobble painfully. When the Wolf came up, he asked the Ass what had
made him lame, and the Ass replied that he had
stepped on a sharp thorn. “Please pull it out,”
he pleaded, groaning as if in pain. “If you do not, it might stick in your
throat when you eat me.” The Wolf saw the wisdom of the advice, for he wanted to enjoy his meal without
any danger of choking. So the Ass lifted up his foot and the Wolf began to search very closely
and carefully for the thorn. Just then the Ass kicked out
with all his might, tumbling the Wolf a dozen paces away! And while the Wolf was getting very
slowly and painfully to his feet, the Ass galloped away in safety. “Serves me right,” growled the Wolf as he crept
into the bushes. “I’m a butcher by trade,
not a doctor.” The moral of this story is
“Stick to your trade” The Wolf And The House Dog There once was a Wolf who
got very little to eat because the Dogs of the village
were so wide awake and watchful. He was really nothing
but skin and bones and it made him very
downhearted to think of it. One night this Wolf happened to
fall in with a fine fat House Dog who had wandered a little
too far from home. The Wolf would gladly have
eaten him then and there but the House Dog
looked strong enough to leave his marks
should he try it. So the Wolf spoke very
humbly to the Dog complimenting him on
his fine appearance. “You can be as well-fed
as I am if you want to” replied the Dog. “Leave the woods there you live miserably. Why you have to fight hard
for every bite you get. Follow my example and you
will get along beautifully.” “What must I do?”
asked the Wolf. “Hardly anything”
answered the House Dog “Chase people who carry canes bark at beggars and fawn on the
people of the house. In return you will get
tidbits of every kind chicken bones, choice bits
of meat, sugar, cake and much more beside not to speak of kind
words and caresses.” The Wolf had such a beautiful
vision of his coming happiness that he almost wept. But just then he noticed that the
hair on the Dog’s neck was worn and the skin was chafed. “What is that on your neck?” “Nothing at all”
replied the Dog. “What! nothing!” “Oh just a trifle!” “But please tell me.” “Perhaps you see the mark of the
collar to which my chain is fastened.” “What! A chain!” cried the Wolf. “Don’t you go
wherever you please?” “Not always! But what’s
the difference?” replied the Dog. “All the difference
in the world! I don’t care a rap
for your feasts and I wouldn’t take all the tender young
lambs in the world at that price. And away ran the
Wolf to the woods. Remember this children “Freedom is everything” The Lark and Her Young Ones One day, a Lark made her nest
in a field of young wheat. As the days passed, the wheat stalks grew tall and the young birds, too,
grew in strength. Then one day, when the ripe
golden grain waved in the breeze, the Farmer and his son
came into the field. “The wheat is now ready for
reaping,” said the Farmer. “We must call in our neighbours and
friends to help us harvest it.” The young Larks in their nest
close by were much frightened, for they knew that they would
be in great danger if they did not leave the nest. When the Mother Lark
returned with food for them, they told her what
they had heard. “Do not be frightened,
children,” said the Mother Lark. “If the Farmer said he would call
in his neighbours and friends to help him do his work, this wheat will not be
reaped for a while yet.” A few days later, the
wheat was so ripe, that when the wind
shook the stalks, a hail of wheat grains came rustling
down on the young Larks’ heads. “If this wheat is not harvested
at once,” said the Farmer, “we shall lose half the crop. We cannot wait any longer
for help from our friends. Tomorrow we must set
to work, ourselves.” When the young Larks told their mother what
they had heard that day, she said: “Then we must be off at once. When a man decides to do his own
work and not depend on any one else, then you may be sure there
will be no more delay.” There was much fluttering and
trying out of wings that afternoon. At sunrise the next day, when the Farmer and his son cut down
the grain,they found an empty nest! Remember children “Self help is the best help!” The fox and the stork! Once upon a time there lived a fox who always made
fun of his neighbor- the Stork! One day the fox thought of
a plan to amuse himself at the expense of the stork! “You must come and
dine with me today” he said to the stork smiling himself at the trick
he was going to play. The stork gladly
accepted the invitation. He arrived at the right time and with a very good appetite! The fox served soup
for the dinner. But it was set out in
a very shallow dish! The stork because
of his long beak couldn’t even get a drop of soup and all he could do
was wet his beak! The Fox lapped up
the soup easily and to increase the
disappointment of the stork made a great show of enjoyment! The hungry stork was
very angry at the fox. But the stork was a calm
and even tempered fellow so he saw no good in
showing his anger there. Instead the stork
invited the fox for a dinner at his
home the next day! The fox arrived promptly and he was very hungry! The stork served fish dinner that had a very
appetizing smell! The stork served the
dinner in a tall jar with a very narrow neck! The stork could easily get at
the food with his narrow bill but all the fox could do was
lick the outside of the jar and sniff at the delicious odor! The fox then lost his temper and shouted at the stork
for behaving like this. The stork then calmly replied “Do not play tricks
on your neighbours unless you can stand the
same treatment yourself!” The fox was ashamed
for what he did and he went back to his home. They both became good
friends from that day! The Goose And The Golden Egg There once was a Countryman who possessed the most wonderful
Goose you can imagine. Every day when he
visited the nest the Goose had laid a beautiful
glittering golden egg! The Countryman took
the eggs to market and soon began to get rich! But it was not long before he grew
impatient with the goose because she gave him only a
single golden egg each day. He was not getting
rich fast enough. Then one day after he had finished
counting his money the idea came to him that he could get all
the golden eggs at once by killing the Goose and cutting it open. But when he killed the goose not a single golden
egg did he find and his precious
Goose was dead.!!! Those who have plenty
want more and more and they end up losing
everything they have. The Old Lion And The Fox Once upon a time in a forest there lived a lion who
had grown very old. The lion’s teeth and claws
were worn with old age and he couldn’t hunt
for food anymore! One day he got an idea and sent a message to
everyone in the village. He pretended to be sick and summoned everyone
to come and visit him. The next day the Goat came to the lion’s
cave to offer its sympathy. But as soon as the
Goat walked in the lion caught and ate him. A deer came to the
cave the next day. But as he walked in, the lion got him
and ate him as well One by one the lion ate the animals
who came to visit him. One day the clever fox
came outside the cave. The fox was very cautious and stood at a
safe distance from the cave Then he enquired politely
about the lion’s health. The lion replied that
he was very well indeed and asked the fox to
step in for a moment. The Fox wisely stayed outside thanking the lion very
kindly for the invitation. “I should be glad to do
as you ask” he added “But I have noticed that there are too many
footprints leading to your cave but there are no marks
of anyone coming out” “Please tell me how do your visitors find
their way out?” The lion realized that
he couldn’t fool the fox who was very wise too. The fox then went back and told everyone
what the lion was doing. He was saved only because he learned from
the mistakes of others. The Wolf and The Lean Dog One day a hungry wolf was prowling
near a village Then he saw a Dog lying down. It happened to be a
very lean and bony Dog and Master Wolf would have turned up
his nose at such a meager fare had he not been more
hungry than usual. So he began to edge
toward the Dog while the Dog backed away. “Let me remind your lordship”
said the dog his words interrupted
now and then as he dodged a snap
of the Wolf’s teeth “how unpleasant it would
be to eat me now. Look at my ribs. I am nothing but skin and bone. But let me tell you
something in private. In a few days my master will give a wedding
feast for his only daughter. You can guess how fine and fat I will grow on the
scraps from the table. Then is the time to eat me.” The Wolf could not help
thinking how nice it would be to have a fine fat Dog to eat instead of the
scrawny object before him. So he went away
pulling in his belt and promising to return. Some days later the Wolf came back for
the promised feast. He found the Dog in
his master’s yard and asked him to come
out and be eaten. “Sir” said the Dog with a grin “I shall be delighted
to have you eat me. I’ll be out as soon as the
porter opens the door.” But the “porter” was a huge Dog whom the Wolf knew by
painful experience to be very unkind towards wolves. So he decided not to wait and made off as fast as
his legs could carry him. So children Never depend on the
promises of those whose interest is
to deceive you! The Merchant And His Donkey One day a merchant drove his
donkey to the sea shore for buying salt! After buying the salt, he loaded the sacks containing
salt on his donkey. On the way back home they had
to cross a small stream. While crossing the stream, the donkey slipped and
fell into the water when they were halfway crossed. This caused the salt to dissolve, thus making the load lighter! Because of this, the donkey was able to
rise easily to his feet, and enjoy an easy
ride back home! The merchant sold whatever little
salt he had left in the market. Then he led the
donkey back again to load an even greater cargo
of salt than before! When they reached the
stream this time, the donkey remembering
what happened last time, deliberately fell down! When he got up, he realized that the
weight had reduced again! He brayed happily, as if he had obtained
what he desired! The merchant realized what
the donkey was up to, so he decided to
teach him a lesson! They went back to the seashore, and this time the merchant
loaded the cargo with sponge instead of salt! When they reached the
stream this time, the foolish donkey fell
down on purpose again! But this time, the sponge grew heavy as
it was soaked with water! As a result, the donkey had to carry twice the
burden all the way back home! The donkey realized his mistake and he understood that “the same measures will not
suit all circumstances” The Lion And The Mouse Once upon a time in a forest, a lion was sleeping with his
great head on his paws. A little mouse crept
into his cave and started playing
near the lion! “Since he is sleeping,”
thought the mouse, “he will never
suspect I’m here!” While playing, the mouse
ran close to his nose, and suddenly the lion woke up! Swat! Went his huge paw
upon the little mouse, and the mouse was trapped! The lion was angry as the little
mouse had disturbed his nap! “Spare me” begged
the poor mouse. “Please let me go, and someday
I will surely repay you!” The Lion laughed, “You are so small! How
could you ever help me?” The lion was feeling
very kind that day laughed the lion and he let the little mouse go! The next day two hunters
came to the jungle. They went to the lion’s lair, and set a huge rope snare! When the lion came
home that night, he stepped into
the hunters trap! He tried everything to
get out of the trap, but nothing helped
this big lion! He roared,
he wept, but he couldn’t
pull himself free! The mouse heard
the lion’s cries, and came to help him! The little mouse with his little
teeth gnawed at the ropes, and soon the lion was free! “You laughed when I said I would
repay you,” said the mouse. “Now you see that even a
mouse can help a lion!” That day, the lion realized that “Kindness is never wasted” The lion and the mouse
became good friends for the rest of their lives. The Frogs And The Well A long long time ago, two brother frogs
lived in a marsh! They had enough water to drink, and they played around merrily! But one summer it got so harsh that the marsh dried up! The two frogs had
no water to drink, so they left in search of
another place to live! They looked water everywhere, and they travelled
for days and days. Just as they were about
to give up hope, by and by they came upon a well! The younger foolish brother, hopped on the well to
get a better look. The bottom of the
well was pitch black, and he couldn’t see anything! “This looks like a nice place” said the little frog “Lets jump in and settle here!” The older brother with a wiser head on
his shoulders replied, “Not so fast my brother. Supposing this well dried
up like the marsh, how would we get out—“ But before the older and wiser
brother could finish his sentence, the younger foolish brother leaped into the well
without thinking. With a great thud, the frog hit the
bottom of the well. When he looked around, he found no water! And there was no way
to escape either. Then the younger foolish
brother thought, “I should have listened to my
brother,and looked before I leaped” “Now I’m stuck here, with
no means to escape.” The Crow And The Pitcher Once upon a time, a crow who was very thirsty, flew around searching for water! He searched and searched, but he couldn’t find
water anywhere! Half dead with thirst, he saw a pitcher
with water in it! But when the crow put its
beak into the pitcher, he found that there was
very little water left, and he could not reach far enough
down to get at it! He tried, and he tried, but at last he had to
give up in despair. Then he saw a pebble
lying around, and he suddenly got an idea! He took a pebble and dropped it into the pitcher. Then he took another pebble and dropped that
into the pitcher Then he took another pebble and dropped that
into the pitcher Then he dropped another one Like that one by one he dropped many pebbles
into the pitcher. With each pebble, the water rose
higher and higher! And at last, the water was near enough
for the crow to drink!! The moral of this story is “In a pinch a good use of
our wits may help us out”


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