Equestria Girls Dazzlings Toys Surprise Nesting dolls with My Little Pony Toys!

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Its Taco Tuesday! Oh Pick me! Pick Me! Adagio Dazzle (Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks) Aria Blaze (Equestria Girls) Sonata Dusk Gloriosa Daisy (The Legend of Everfree) Who is this mystery figure (From the Friendship Games) Let me know Adagio Dazzle’s Cutie Mark And Aria Blaze’s Cutie Mark Hey guys so today I have a new set of Equestria Girls Nesting Dolls I got loads of requests to do the Dazzlings I’ve got Adagio Dazzle Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk And this one is a new character She is called Gloriosa Daisy And she will be in the new upcoming Equestria Girls movie, The Legend of Everfree And this one is a mystery nesting doll Can you ask which equestria girls character this is? Let me know in the comments! And last but not least, is Adagio Dazzle’s cutie mark Ok so I’m going to start with the smallest one as usual which is Adagio Dazzle’s cutie mark So this nesting doll actually does open And it has the smallest nesting doll I’ve ever seen So lets use some Equestrian magic to get some toys and surprises Wo Check out all these awesome my little pony toys and surprises Including the wave 2 equestria girls minis I have DJ Pon 3 And fluttershy But I have start with the MLP My little pony MyMoji blind bags Because I love these So lets see which pony we get I really really hope we get fluttershy or mlp rainbow dash Because I still, oh its MLP Rarity! I dont have the happy Rarity So thats cool I love Rarity’s hair And theres her cutie mark mlp Awesome I’m going to open up another MLP My little pony mymoji I really hope we get rainbow dash mlp Rarity again! This is a duplicate But still awesome Lets open up a MLP Series 2 dog tag Is this tree hugger Yes it is, its tree hugger and the smooze I think I have this one And it also comes with this MLP Pinkie Pie sticker And this mlp Apple Bloom trading card A cutie mark wont change who we are, or how everypony feels about us I think its time to get the MLP EG Minis out of their packaging So lets start with MLP DJ Pon 3 And she is looking super cool I love her hair Shes got her cutie mark on her dress She has some really funky trainers And it looks like shes pointing She doesnt say much but I think shes awesome And here is the adorable mlp fluttershy In such a pretty dress I love it I love the colors, and the glitter And her cutie marks Here and here That is super cute So which one is your favorite? Oh pick me! Pick me! Aww fluttershy I dont think she would say that She’d be too shy to say that Ok lets open up a MLP My little pony squishy pop And these are mlp series 2 I hope its a new one We have a crystal mlp Rarity Lets open up a MLP my little pony wave 13 blind bag I wonder which pony we’ll get MLP Trixie Lulamoon Such an awesome color She shares her magic The last toy surprise is this series 4 fash’ems Lets see which one we’ll get Spike MLP Lets see how squishy Spike is That is so bad Ok time to see whats inside this mystery nesting doll If you know the name of this character, let me know in the comments Shall I give you a glue? She was in the Equestria Girls Friendship Games We have a MLP Crystal startlight glimmer squishy pop I still dont have the regular starlight glimmer MLP But I really really love this one Its amazing you can tell which pony it is even though theyre crystal Theres so much detail And on to the next nesting doll and this one is a new character Her name is Gloriosa Daisy And she’ll be in the upcoming movie, The Legend of Everfree But do you guys think she will be a good character or a bad one? I dont know, I think she has something to hide So maybe Shes kind of bad without really meaning it Like Sunset Shimmer And twilight sparkle So she might be good at heart Let me know what you guys think So lets see whats inside This chicken cracks me up I dont know if this chicken has a name But it came with the Pinkie Pie equestria girls playset And I know its in Pinkie Pie equestria girls minis bedroom It just cracks me up, it looks so funy And we have a very startled looking Spike MLP figure And this actually came with the MLP My little pony busy books Lets see whats in the Sonata Dusk nesting doll Is Sonata your favorite Equestria Girls character? Its Taco Tuesday! I wonder whats inside? Oh we have some MLP stickers! Now these Explore Equestria stickers are brand new And they came with the My little pony sticker album aswell So check your stores for them And they look awesome, lets see which ones we got Princess Luna Aww I love this one This is so adorable Twilight Sparkle Fluttershy Twilight Sparkle Aww this was a really really awesome selection Ok time to see whats inside this EG Aria Blaze nesting doll Is Aria Blaze your favorite Equestria Girls character? Let me know We have a MLP Wave 14 blind bag Lets see which pony we get I hope its a new one Ooo we got Gardenia Glow MLP And she grows a garden I love her colors Theyre so bright and colorful And we also have a MLP My little pony Equestria Girls kinder surprise egg And I think it got squashed Alright lets see which pony we get Ohh looks like MLP Twilight Sparkle It took me so long to get Twilight Sparkle the Equestria Girl and now I’m getting her all the time Which is awesome And there is MLP twilight And she looks like the perfect student Walking with her books Ok time to see whats inside this giant Adagio Dazzle nesting doll Is Adagio your favorite Equestria Girls character? I think shes quite popular Ooo theres so many things inside Lets start with these mlp my little pony mymojis, and I really hope we dont get Rarity aww We got AppleJack MLP And I think this ones a duplicate, actually its not a duplicate Thats the one where shes sticking her tongue out I dont have this one Theres her cutie mark Its a cute one of Applejack I love her hat Lets open up another series 2 mlp dog tag oooh this is a new one, sunset shimmer, yay! Oh this is awesome, I love this one double sided sunset shimmer mlp Thats perfect I really like Sunset shimmer We also got a MLP Derpy sticker And oh yay Another new one, a starlight glimmer trading card And it says I brought you friendship, I brought you equality, I created harmony! This one is super cute Lets see what else is inside We have a MLP series 3 squishy pop I hope its a new one Its MLP Rarity Theres a lot of rarity today She looks quite different, her color Blue tinted, but she looks awesome We also have these Equestria Girl tattoos And I think I’m going to do fluttershy today Because she looks adorable Carefully cut it out And you’re suppose to leave it on your hand or your arm for 30 seconds Take this off Lets stick it on Ok moment of truth, lets take it off Hopefully it has stuck on Yay! O Ok the edges are abit messy But still, fluttershy looks super cute I love it Lets see what other toys and surprises are inside We have another series 4 squishy pop Lets see who we get We got pinkie pie crystal one its awesome And theres her cutie mark But it looks like she has 3 blue balloons Where did the yellow one go funny The last surprise are these Explore Equestria Stickers I hope we get some good ones I love this one Super cute Those were awesome aswell Alright guys, here are all the awesome toys and surprises in the Equestria Girls The Dazzlings nesting dolls Please let me know if you have any other suggestions And if you like this video, please give it a big thumbs up Take care, bye!


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