Equestrian & Performance Horse Entrepreneurs Are Making Huge Money

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Hi Chris here from Fodder Group
and today I’d like to talk to you about a specific opportunity in the
performance horse market and more specifically I’d like to talk about how
we’re going to supply fresh fodder to this enormous emerging market Some don’t want me to share this information However we are in the business of disruption Let’s share this with many more people I may refer to my notes as we’re going here we’ve got quite a bit of information to get
through and I don’t want to miss anything that might have an effect on on
helping you make a decision Chances are that you’re watching
this video because that you’re you may be looking for a way to break
into the horse market you may be looking for a way to leverage your knowledge of
horses or market or you’re looking for a way to fund your activities today
because let’s face it running horses and doing shows and moving them around is
not a cheap business today so you might be looking for a way to to to cut those
costs down a little bit and even show a profit on what you’re doing. The good
news is that we do have have an answer to to being able to to solve any of
those issues for you now let me quickly tell you our story. We started backing in
2006 in Australia under the brand of Fodder Solutions and placed systems
into the market in 16 countries with over 2000 systems have been placed. Our systems feed service all sorts of animals from from horses to cattle to
sheep to goats you name it we’ve fed those animals using
hydroponically grown fodder out of our systems. In 2018 we made the decision to
open up in the USA and based ourselves out of Florida where
we have supplied a number of different systems servicing various markets We have significantly upgraded our systems to to a whole new level. We’ve
swapped out things like PVC For PEX piping. We’re using sharkbite fittings for our plumbing and
all our connecting parts within the system. We’ve sealed our systems
internally a lot better than what we’ve ever done before but we’ve also now
incorporated a new air system that manages every single piece of air in
that in our containers including temperature, humidity and also the every
molecule of air is treated to make sure that we have the best possible
environment inside. Let’s get back to the opportunity I’d like to if I can
share a few stats with you about the horse market because we’re specifically
talking about the horse market even though we can sell this product to into
any market. The horse market is the low-hanging fruit and according to industry stats and various publications, in the USA there’s between 9.2 and 9.5 million
horses. That’s a huge market! The leading states; there’s 1M
million horses in Texas there’s 500,000 in Florida there is 700,000 in
California. They’re huge numbers and a good portion of these are what we’d call
performance horses. I would suggest equestrian horses quarter horses and race horses any horse that is needs to put in a major effort I would describe as a as a as a performance
horse. Now what is the problem that we’re solving for the people that own these
horses that’s the big question? We get a lot of feedback from from
all over the world but in the USA particularly, we’re hearing about the
high cost of hay. It is inconsistent and the price changes with the season. It
could even change within this season and a lot of the feedback we get is that people are also sick of the inconsistent quality of the hay so
you know one batch might be perfect the next batch might be pretty terrible and
and that’s not a good thing when you’re feeding at an expensive animal. Owners
are telling us that they’re sick of gut issues so you know let’s have a think
about how horses are made up they’re made with a very long neck to get to
that green stuff down on the ground I don’t think that grain and other things
that we’re feeding them are a natural feed source for these horses so you’re
going to get a reaction as a result and things like such as hoof
issues and other health problems things that that that can largely be
attributed to what the horses eating are things that people are sick of and
I’m hearing back from owners all over the place saying horses
aren’t able to get out and graze Let’s face it they do need access to a green lush product to keep their optimum
health and keep them performing at a high level. Getting get back to Florida, the first system we sold in Florida was sold to a company who does a
lot of business in this market and they’re doing really well. They are the only company in this space all and I can tell you that this is not
something that they want us to be sharing with anybody because they’d like
to have this to themselves but we think that that the market is so big that we
need to have some some good quality people out there that we can work
closely with. The system that we’re putting into the market for the is called the FG 20 and it grows a total of 1,600 pounds per day The the retail prices that are being achieved for fresh fodder at the moment anywhere between $1 per pound $1.30 per pound which
is fantastic Given that our production costs are only
around 6c per pound, if we use $1 as a benchmark and and we
know that from experience that horses can eat 20 pounds or more of fodder a
day, and it can make up as much as 80% of their diet, we actually know
of equestrian people that have competed at Olympic level that have fed 100% of the diet as fodder . We won’t do that because we don’t want to shock the market and have any
pushback from people like nutritionists or vets so we will gradually work those horses up to the levels that we that we think are
they should be eating Our strategy is to supply
horses or owners 10 pounds a day of fresh feed. If we use $1 per pound as our benchmark because we know that that’s easily achievable in
this market, then we know that we’re going to generate from our system
$1600 in cashflow per day To get that we only need 160 clients to to service to max out the system that’s not very many horses when we have millions to work with 500,000 in Florida and 700,000 in California I think you’ll agree but that’s that’s a very very small part of the market required to build a
business that that can turnover in excess of $500K out of
a 20-foot container. It is a phenomenal opportunity. And that’s after taking out all of the costs.
If you if you haven’t already joined please do because you will have a very useful report with some fantastic information about the impact
of fodder on horses. I will also send out a financial model that will give you an overview of the
financial side of it so you can see the returns for yourself because it’s compelling. if we talk about the substantial number of horses in the
different areas and we only need 160 horses to have a business that’s going to net $500k, I think you’ll agree if those odds are excellent. Let’s get down to the
deal and talk about the business side of things. We’re going to release nine of
these systems only into the USA market, it was going to be 10 but we’ve already
sold one before we went live So we’ve already taken on one client that we think will do fantastically well. We’re going to
work with nine more and and the reason we’re going to go with a small number is because we want to work closely with all of the
parties to make sure that we get the result that we’re looking for. No sense having 50 in the field we couldn’t service adequately and spreading ourselves thin We’d rather have a small number and make sure that they are all successful so we can develop their
business and they can expand organically Smaller numbers are always going to be easier
for everybody We have the capacity at
the moment out of our Miami
facility to manufacture 1 system per week for the people coming into this project As systems are sold they will be allocated a manufacturing slot on a first in best-dressed basis The sooner that you get your order in, the
sooner that system will be supplied Let’s ask the question of what you’d expect to pay for a business that could make you over $500k a year Before we answer, this let’s look at the
value of the business assuming you have maxed out the system in the first year You have 160 clients and things are ticking along in any sort of business in this sector you’d expect to get 2 times or 3 times
multiple of profit as a valuation So if you went out
in the first 12 months and worked hard you could expect that business to be
valued at between $1M and $1.5M So to get back to the
question, what would be a fair price for a business that had this type of potential? Would $500k be fair? $600k? We’re not even close to that and the nine lucky people
that we’re going to work with are going to pay $59,990 only plus Freight from our Miami facility. That is
ridiculous value for money. 160 clients is all you need purchasing 10 pound a day each at $1 per pound to make in excess of half a million dollars per year – that’s phenomenal! We are that committed to your success
that we’d like to make you an offer that you can’t say no to. We are offering
the first nine people seven tools that are going
to ensure that you can be very successful with this business. Tool #1 Unlimited assistance from myself and our entire team for at least the first 90 days. You probably
won’t need us long after that but for the first 90 days it’s critical. Normally I charge as a consulting fee of $3500 and
$1500 per month to people around the world
to advise them on their fodder facilities. I’ve been doing this for a
long time I’ve been on thousands of farms I’ve worked with hundreds of
different farmers in all sorts of sectors and and our advice is normally
sought after and valuable but will be totally free and included. Tool #2 is that we’re going to build you your own
dedicated web page and that web page is going to be designed to do all the
selling for you and to collect leads so that you’ve got a stream of clients that
you can talk to so even if you don’t know a lot about fodder or you’re not
confident to go out and and talk to a clients about what we do. You
can send them to this page and it will collect all of the leads for you and
that’s something that we charge we would charge at least $5,000 for. Tool #3 three
is all of the copywriting all of the headlines and the different wordings
that you might like to use. We provide it to you so you don’t have to worry and
you can choose to use it you or you can modify it
but we’ll give you a good base starting point. So if you are advertising it will make it simple. Tool #4 is we’re
going to give you a template that you go and get printed and
it’ll give you a hard copy flyer or brochure that you can leave
behind when you talk to people. This is something you can leave behind with people that you may meet them in the in the street or
at their barn and you can give them a flyer That’s normally something would
cost you $1000 to get a proper design for Tool #5 is we’re going to give you a report it’s the same ebook that you may already have through our site. That provides some
fantastic information on why you would feed fodder to your horse
and the impact on your horses. It’s designed to educate people. There’s also a university study and some other useful information from horse owners that have fed fodder even at Olympic level. We can bring
those new clients down the path and get them ready to be to be buying directly
from you. The report has a value of $1000 and we’re going to give
that to you free. This will assist you in obtaining quality leads via your website that we build for you. Tool #6 is 12 months remote monitoring of your system where we’ll
sit in the background and monitor all the temperature, humidity and air settings and all the different markers
that we measure The reason we’ll do this is that it
enables us to make sure that your system is operating optimally at all times. For example, perhaps there’s a lightning strike and
power goes out in the district and suddenly you’re stuck without power and
your system goes off. You’ve got 4 days of fodder in that system and
that equates to big dollars so you might not notice but we’ll know before you’ll know and we can get on the phone or get on the email
or send you a text and say hey check the system there’s something not quite right.
That has a value of $960 a year which is our hard cost to provide that service but we want to
do that to make sure that you’re operating fantastically all of the time.
Our last tool #7 is we’re going to give you access
to a private Facebook page where we can all get together and swap ideas
and stories. Someone might be doing something that’s working fantastic in
California that Miami can adapt and Kentucky might want to
try and we can all get on there and discuss different ways of making it
more successful. The next thing I’d like to address on top is our ironclad guarantee to you If after 12 months you’re not
totally satisfied or you haven’t got the volume that you wanted and all the
clients that you wanted, we will on your behalf go out and offer your system for
resale and get get you the best return we can so as you can move on and we can
bring someone else in to take your position and make it happen. So if for any reason
after 12 months you say you know what, guys we haven’t made this work or our
circumstances changed can you help us sell our system we will do that for you What happens next is a good question. If you’d like to secure one of the first nine systems
please give us a call on 833 363 3371 or send
an email through to [email protected] right now and let
us know that you’re ready to go Give us a call and let us know hey, I
want to secure a system and we will allocate that system to you and and
our guys will handle all the paperwork Remember that that there are only nine
systems that we’re going to release they’re going to be built one per week
that’s that what we’ve allocated in our assembly line so the quicker you get your order in the higher up that list you will be. The other offer that
we’d like to make is maybe this is not for you maybe that the timings not right
or you don’t see yourself doing it but you know someone who this might
suit because what we’re after are the best operators that we can get not just
anyone that comes along. We want to work with people that really have a passion
for horses and if that’s not you but you know someone that
might be suitable we would like to offer you $500 simply for referring them if they make a purchase and join our team We’d like to reward you for
being tremendous and passing that client on. That’s all I’ve got for you today.
Thank you very much for for listening to our message and if this is something
that might interest you then get in contact and let’s get started!


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