Equine Massage Benefits : Equine Massage: Light Pressure

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So, horses like Spy, an older horse, is going
to probably prefer lighter amounts of pressure, certainly to start with than another horse.
And so, when I say light amounts of pressure, I’m talking about the difference — think
of it in terms of grooming. I’m talking about the difference between using a soft brush,
let’s say, to work on a sensitive area of your horse, like the abdominals, as opposed
to a hard brush, where you’re really working on the horse’s legs, trying to get some embedded
mud in, or where you’re currying a horse. Those are soft pressures for the soft brush
and harder pressure for the currycomb. So, for Spy, if I’m working on his neck, I would
start by doing just some gentle stroking. Some gentle effleurage to get him used to
what I’m doing and to get him to relax and loosen up with it. And, as he gets used to
it, you can apply slightly harder pressure. But, if he’s showing resistance or discomfort,
you’d want to back off from it entirely and go back to the lighter pressure.


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