Equitation Tips – 3 Tips to Get Noticed in The Horse Show Ring

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Hey, are you a equitation rider? Today I’m gonna give you three tips That’s all you need to know for winning your next equitation class. So let’s get started Hi there My name is Laura and welcome to another video if you’d like to improve your riding and training or really understand what it takes to get the judges attention And win more ribbons at your next horse show or if you generally like other horse related stuff, then you’re in the right place We cover a lot of things horsey related Remember to subscribe and hit the bell icon. So you don’t miss any new videos coming up So what are the three things that you’re going to need at your next horse show to win that class? really really simple things The number one thing that judge looks for when you step into that Equitation class and the number one thing that you can just get a good checkmark off is keeping your heels down Yours your heels are your base of support and they should be locked on the horses side heels down with a Relaxed grip all the way around the horses side if your heels aren’t down you may get passed up Passed up passed off for somebody else who’s got their heels down so make sure you keep your heels down and I don’t mean jamming your heels down and forward at the expense of Unbalancing your position. I mean down locked on and around your horses side keeping your heels down is really important Number two keeping your eyes up Now eyes up is also very important and that’s easy for the judge to see if your eyes are up or not I’ll just a judge tell if your eyes are up They usually look at the brim of your riding helmet If the brim of your riding helmet is up and looking forward Your eyes are up looking forward if the brim of your hat riding helmet is down That usually means that you’re looking down not bring up and the brim of your hat is looking down in your eyes are looking up So keep your eyes up looking around where you’re going. This is really very helpful Whether you’re riding on the flat or riding over fences if you’re riding over fences Definitely the eyes are really important to make your turns to get to the next jump Also, if you are on the flat very important to make sure that you are keeping your space from the other horses in the ring also keeping your eyes up is so important to help keep your body in balance If you keep your eyes down your head down that makes you usually makes your shoulders round and pulls you off balance Keeping your head up keeps your body in balance helps you to keep your weight into your heels, right? And the third thing is keeping your back flat As you’re judging as the judge looks around the ring at your equitation in the flat They will notice somebody with a round back a Roche back shoulders hunched That whole shoulders hunched rider will get noted on the scorecard and probably not used Because their shoulders are round keep your back flat and all these things are connected together Eyes op will help keep your shoulders back and your back flat and help keep your weight down in your heels So three things eyes up back flat heels down if you can remember those three things You will be all the better in your equitation when you go into your equitation class my name is Laura if you have any questions, or you need some help with Exercises, please. Send me an email thistle Ridge at hotmail.com Thanks now. See you later


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