Era solo un sogno … forse

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Subtitles in various languages Good morning students. Today I will question. Page 37 37 “Pumale” …
questioned Who are
“Scylla and Charybdis”? They were…. Professor, what’s on the blackboard? What’s this? They are the monsters that Ulysses has
addressed ok It was the three dogs of Hercules Be serious! The suggestions always come wrong First of all they are 2, they are not 3. What a mess!!! Think. Think. Think. What do you know about “Scilla”, with 6 heads and 12 feet? Professor, but I don’t know! Maybe they cost a lot: hairdresser and podiatrist !!! Out! So lucky It was just a dream Occasionally, a joy! One more minute … What time is it? Oh no! The slippers!!! The backpack!! Final exams See you next video


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