Erzähler: Bremen Town Musicians 08 Shelter – Bandits

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We are on our way to Bremen Town! We are on our way to Bremen Town! Yes! We are on our way to Bremen Town! And now together, their hearts were all light But Bremen laid far beyond a day and as they came to a forest and finding a large tree
they took shelter for the night The donkey lays on the hay the hound lies in the grass the cat climbs to a lower limb of the tree and the cock, he flaps his wings, he flies
to the top of the tree and he sees in the distance I see a light! he cries burning brightly through the night
it beckons us all on for I prophesy, that not far off lies a cabin
wherein its sure to be warm and dry, my friends! Then donkey snort, all the more
that we should go and explore for the shelter here is awfully poor so off the minstrels pressed deep into the mysterious, black and foreboding wood there eyes were ever on the light
for to lose its sight would sunder them,
lost to the devouring night through countless limbs and branches
and suffering cuts and scratches the spark they chased
it grew in shape and brightness until a cottage suddenly came into view its windows all aglow And tallest of them all, the donkey
crept towards the window, but still in shadow to report what he could see as donkey drew near
his ears bristled by the din the ugly laughter
of wicked men as they sang plunder and spoils from others’ toils,
ambushed then robbed and murdered! peasant or king, your precious things
lie here- for us to squander! and just then, the cock began
to walk up close to donkey what can you see, my grey horse?
what can you see before you? I see right before me all good things to eat and to drink laid on a table dazzled by the glint of silver and gold and just beyond a hearth lit to blot out the cold Oh, but all enjoyed by callous, cruel, blood soaked
brigands and robbers! oh now that –
said the cock that would be
the sort of thing for us all his eyes grew wide
and looked towards the heavens muttered and swooned
then came to my friends –
we must take counsel now! Oh, for here the land
of milk and honey lies before us held captive by
corrupt and lawless men and we my friends
even though weak and old can drive out these bandits
if we act as brothers daring and bold so the minstrels, they struck a plan
where Donkey would stand his fore-hooves on the window frame next the hound would bound up to Donkey’s mane then on the hounds back lept the cat
who then bore the cock like a feathered hat and now at the ready
and pressed in as one one last big breath held in for this
their debut show… now ready set and here we GO! [He-Haw!] + Howl!] + [Yowl!] + [Cock-a-Doodle-do!]


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