Eskadron Fleece Bell Boots Review

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KAYLEIGH: Hi, I’m Kayleigh from Merchandising, and today I will be reviewing
the Eskadron Fleece Bell Boots. I love these bell boots, because they are flexible
and soft while also being durable and protective. In addition to the flexibility
and soft sheepskin, I also really like the double
hook and loop closure. It stays secure but it also
isn’t too hard to get undone after you ride. And if you have a horse
that really overreaches you can rest easy knowing that these
bell boots are also tear resistant. I originally got these bell
boots because I noticed my horse was hitting himself
above the cornet band and on the inside
of his pastern. I needed to make sure
he was protected while still healing. I have continued to use these
boots in my everyday riding because they worked so well
and just look adorable on him. I have been using these
for every ride for the past few weeks
and they have stayed pretty clean. I simply wipe them off
with a damp rag and brush the sheepskin with a
bristle brush. I have a 15-hand Quarter Horse
and he wears a size large, so I would say they run
pretty true to size. But don’t worry
if they don’t fit, you can exchange them
with SmartPak’s free return shipping. I’m Kayleigh, and the Eskadron Fleece Bell
Boots give my horse the protection he needs
and the comfort he deserves.


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