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Hello StarFam and welcome to Star Stable News! Last week we asked you guys to like the video
to keep the hats! We didn’t really take into account, that we
do record before the time that we set for you to reply before… …so we’re kind of
free-styling it here, and there will be no hats today! How do you feel about no hats? Are you uncomfortable? Or are you comfortable? Do you like it? Is this better? Do you want the hats to return? Give us your opinion and we’ll see about next
week! Let’s start the episode! By now, most of you have heard about Ydris,
the keeper of the absolutely magical circus up on Nilmer’s Highland! To be honest, we’re kind of obsessing over
him! But do proceed! Thank you, Ylva! This week, he’s showing off some of those
aces he’s got up his sleeve in his new fortune teller booth! When you’ve finished the quest line where
you help Ydris and his friend Xin to build the circus, you’ll be able to visit Ydris’
fortune teller booth and have him tell you one fortune every day! This feature is available for everyone! so,
for the players who are playing the free trial of Star Stable, as well as the Star Riders!
AND it’s not time limited! it’s here to Stay! It’s indeed a very busy day at the circus! Today there’ll be two new daily races available! First race is a pole bending race with Ydris’
sneaky friend Xin If you’re up to date with the circus quests, you’ll already have tried
this race once! The second race that you can unlock today
is a race that you can do bot on your own as a single race, or as a group race! For those of you who haven’t only finished
building the circus, but are also up to date with the Story Quests connected to the circus,
you guys have already tried this race once! It’s the race when you turn into a golden
horse and then you race Ydris’ horse Zee…! And it’s EPIC! What she said! When you race alone you’ll turn into the golden
horse an you’ll race Ydris’ horse Zee! And when you race in a group you’ll all turn
into up to five different kinds of exciting, magical horses! To unlock the pole bending race, you must’ve
finished the quests where you help Ydris build the circus! To unlock the daily golden horse race you
must’ve completed the quest where you meet up with Elizabeth Sunbeam at Fripp’s lair,
after reuniting the Soul Rider horses! You can however participate in the golden
horse race if you have a friend who has unlocked it and invites you through the score board! Have you unlocked the race…? Yes! Can you invite me…? Of course! Both of these races are available for both
Star Riders and players playing the free trial of Star Stable! Once a month we make a list of the bugs that
we’ve fixed in the game throughout the month and today you can find the list from august
in our written news, link is up in the corner! This week the horse market is up and running
by the Jorvik Stables! Those were all the news we had for you from
Jorvik today! You are officially updated! If you want to make sure that you don’t miss
a single piece of news from Jorvik, make sure you subscribe to our channel and press that
little notification bell! To start your adventure in Star Stable, follow
the link in the upper right corner! It leads to our website where you can sign
up! Check back with us next Wednesday for the
latest Game News! Byyyeeee! … magical circles, up on Nilmer’s
Highland! By now most of you have heard about errwdrys…
… of the absolutely magical cirk… … absolute magical circles up… … keeper of the absolutely
magical circle… Circus! Circle… He has a little circle! Yes, and he keeps it very magical… Up on Nilmer’s Highl… … magical circle! It’s starting now… You can go visit him every day and he will
talk to you omg! You have problems… No, I have Ydris! When you race in a group you will all turn
into five different kinds of exciting magical horses! To unlock the pole rending… Pole rending? Pole rending base? To unlock the pole rending base you must’ve
done… To unlock the pole rending… AGAIN?!


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