FLAPPY BIRD IN DONKEY KONG?? – Dan and Phil Play: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze #3


Phil: So before this video starts, I just wanted to say sorry it sounds like we’re underwater as Dan broke our microphone. Dan: I-I am not the one that broke the microphone, Phil. P: Rest in peace, microphone. D: Hello guys
P: Hey dogs D: Today, we are returning to the world of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. P: Yes, if you are new to our channel, you may not have seen our last two adventures, so they are in the description so go watch those first D: So we told you guys that we would show you the different kinds of levels in this game. So we did a normal one P: Yeah.
D: Then we did a minecart one P: That was a tense experience.
D: It was… an experience. P: Well this time we are doing a barrel level! D: So I described this at the end of the last video as Flappy Bird in Donkey Kong D: You’re about to see why. I think it has the same rage-inducing factor. P: It does. Right, we’re on World Three, Twilight Terror.
D: It’s called Twilight Terror? P: Surrounded by water, I’m a little bit worried D: Are you kidding me? Here we are.
P: Uh oh. D: Right, let’s do a little hunt for puzzle pieces ’cause we’ll inevitably (P: Oh yeah) miss something right at the start. P: Ooh, fish bones. I’ve missed Donkey Kong!
D: Saame P: You’ve missed me so much you’ve mounted me already?
D: (laughing) I’ve already mounted you P: Ooh, coin. Gotta spend that wisely.
D: President coin!
P: (laughing) D: Oh, and this is an obvious secret.
P: Oh, here we go. D: Shite, it’s getting crazy right at the start. So what do we do?
D & P: (laughing) P: I don’t know.
D: So we jump in barrels and then press ‘A’ to shoot. P: ‘A’!
D: Do you want me to do it? P: Yeah, you do it. D: Very methodical process… P: Okay we’re gonna transfer now D: Oh ohh we’re transferring responsibilities! Okay Phil P: Oh here we go! Yes, six seconds, come on. Whooo! *victory celebrations* P: Puzzle piece! D: Don’t know what this is. D: Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way-
P: Bananas, bananas, bananas! D: Don’t miss the bananas! D: Is there a fish that we can kill? P: I love killing fish. Nope, it’s a barren wasteland.
D: There it is Phil, the fated barrel.
P: Ohhhhhh D: Nice pink rims. Complements my sassy beret.
P: Pretty nice actually! D: So the only button here is A
P: Okay! D: I do believe
P: I’m- I think I can do this.
D: Do you wanna go first? P: Alright here we go. Let’s do it
D: Ooop *both laugh* P: Good start Dan.
D: Okay, fire it up, Phil. Mash A- here we go. P:oh God, oh God D: Flappy Bird (P: aahh!), you hold A (P: oh, oh okay) to go up P: Okay, okay, okay, I got this
D: And release it. (P: I got this) to go down.
P: I got the K P: Oh, I’m pressing it too much
D: Okay, it’s not literally like Flappy Bird. It’s more about holding it (P: ahh!) D: Oh, so did you miss the GIANT FISH?
P: I didn’t think its fins were gonna get us! That was harder than you think D: Tap it in to me now Phil.
P: Come on, Dan.
D: We’re not gonna have a repeat of- D: WHO’S CONTROLLING IT? -from the minecart. Look-look at me (P: oh, this is logistics) navigating these images, okay? D: See that giant fish that I’m not about to fly in to?
P: Watch out, he’s a big fish D: There is an art to this P: Oh, there’s another one!
D: Oh, got the puzzle piece under the rocks (P: Nice!), see? D: This doesn’t need to be dramatic. It can just be a pleasant STROLL D: Oh, difficult game play! Oh my god! Shh, (P: We’re okay, we’re okay) Shhh P: We’re sparking a little bit.
D: Everything is calm.
P: Oh. D: How was I supposed to know that was there? Okay. P: I got this.
D: Take a mental note, the fish returns. P: The fish returns with a vengeance. D: It didn’t really look like vengeance was on the mind it looked like it-
P: It looks like a vengeful fish Dan.
D: Okay. P: Alright here we go. I got this. Don’t jump in, I can do it. Oop I can’t do it, I can’t do it. P: Wait.
D: What are you on about?
P:Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.
D: Wait for what? P: I’m just getting my (D: Shut up) up. P: It’s like driving. P: You drive on the pavement a few times then you know what you’re doing. P: Here we go, whoop. Whoop.
D: How did you ever pass your driving test?
P: I dunno
D&P: *scream* D: Under the blockss!! P: Right okay.
D: In the zone Phil.
P: Oh, fish. (D: Under, under, under.)
P: Oh.That was hard. How do you get under there? D: Not under the sea. (P: It was hard.) Under the rock. D: It is an extremely fine art. Okay? P: It’s like painting a beautiful nude. P: Just get one little bit wrong and everything looks wrong.
D: Before you know it, you’ve got nipples coming out the elbow. No one wants to buy it. P: Imagine if- D (Laughing): Right?
P: Imagine if Jack was painting Kate in Titanic and he couldn’t actually draw at all.
D: When he just handed over the finished product and it was just a really bad stick man and she was like- P: Errr. Was that before or after the car? D: Before or after the steaming (P: Ooooohhh. D: You’re telling me that there was another secret puzzle piece you get from following the trails (P: This game, what?) and I missed? D: This game is a sneaky, (P: Dan, stop you’re hurting my monkeys.) D: This game is a sneaky shit Phil. D: It’s a sneaky shit. D: I bet we’d have finished that level and gone where the hell is the puzzle piece. D: It was right there. P: Okay.
D: Are you ready to get it Phil?
P: I’m ready to (D: Come on.) eat it. P: Here we go. D: You know that there is no glory in merely finishing the level. D: We say that now. We don’t know how hard it gets. As if you’re gonna get this. D: I mean, I have faith in you. P: Hey, hey, hey.
D: This bit.
P: Chooooooooo P: Wah. Oh.
D: (Laughs)
P: I’m sorry (x4) P: It’s okay, we don’t need it.
D: Oh come on, Phil. P: Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba. D: Huh. P: Ah, ah. P: Oh, I missed a coin then. Sheee! P: Sheeee, is the noise I make when I die. D: Are we gaining balloons? P: Yeah.
D: By hitting, okay.
P: So it’s gonna be perpetual game. D: (laughs) D: The infinite game of Donkey Kong. Alright.
P: Focus. P: Ford Focus.
D: Let’s tone down the bants for one attempt. P: We should make a song called tone down the bants.
D: Tone down bants. P: Tone down the bants.
D: Tone down bants. D: Please don’t hate us.
P: Just dribbled on myself. P: No, keep what? What you doing? D: Getting the O, what are you doing?
P: I’m encouraging you with my mind. P: Come on. D: Who is, who is that fish and what’s his bloody probleeeem? P: Yes.
D: See that’s how to do it.
P: Are you ready?
D: Three, two one, Pork Action! D: Save me. Right.
P: (laughs) D: That was the checkpoint pig, for any new and confused viewers there. P: Loads of fish in…nets. D: Wow who is capturing these fish in a universe of… D: …sentient Arctic penguins
P: Oh the harsh… P: …realities of life. That’s why the fish is so angry.
D: Maybe, that- D: Yes, the evil like daddy pimp fish is angry that we’re swimming- P: We’re doing very well D: I am oh my God let keep talking crap. It’s the only thing distracting me. Ahhh! D&P: *incoherent babble* Whoa? Oh my God oh my God I? What was- D: I missed the- Oh! D: Oh no, no, no!
P: What’s wrong. What’s wrong? D: Sorry, I got a bit excited D: What was that giant blue glowing portal that incredibly distracted me? P: It’s a secret exit but that takes you right to the end of the level so don’t think we should do that. D: They have secret portals to the end of the level? P: Yeah, if you were a donkey Kong pro like me you would know that. D: Not about that life Phil. Let’s do it the hard way.
P: Eww, fish drips! P: That must smell. I hate the smell of fish farms. They’re disgusting. All right here we go. P: N n n n n n n n n
D: When have you ever been to a fish farm? P: My dad used to take me in the mornings. Alright. Here we go. P: Here we go here we go. I got the N, Dan, I got the N. D: To do what? P: To look at the fish. Buy a fish for the family, the family’s feast. Right. Here we go. Here we go. Oh, this is smooth P: This is so good. I’ve got the hang of it now P: Oh shile! P: Right D: Look at them, frolicking in the workplace
(P: Right (x5)) D: Bloody penguins
D: Okay we got the pig. COME ON PHIL! P: Shia LaBeouf! Right
D: Shia LaBeouf! D: You can do thi-
P: I’ve got it! I’ve got it P: Smooth, smooth
D: Get- th-
P: OH NO! D: We missed the G
P: We need the G. We need the G D: Phil…didn’t hit the G spot P: I didn’t D: I think we have to accept that if you’re not going to let me infinitely restart the level P: Yeah
D: We’re not gonna get all the puzzle pieces P: It’s okay
D: Have we gotten all the Kong bits? P: Yeah! I just got the N D: Toot toot toot P: So you gotta get the N and the G D: I gots da G
P: Let’s do the G D: I hit the G
P: Good work D: Oh My God it’s a-
P: Oh Jeez
D: It has friends! P: What?!
D: There’s two fish!
P: They want their babies back. This is murder. D: We’re not the ones stealing the- What is the purple one? What is the purple one?
(P: Oh. I don’t know. What’s that?) D: OH MY GOD WHAT IS-
(P: woah)
(P: laughing) P: As with everything in life, purple goes up, blue goes down D: Is that just a general, universal rule that I’m not aware of
P: Yep D: This game really does love to surprise you with mechanics you have not encountered P: They had
(D: Until they’ve game-overed you) P: Intensely scary faces as well. Right, here we go P: Got the Kong! That’s all we wanted.
D: We got the Kong, okay. Now we just have to live, Phil. You can do this D: This is the final stretch
P: What was it? Blue goes up? No, purple goes up P: Purple goes up, blue goes down P: Purple goes up, blue goes-
D: So stay down, stay down D: Stay down, stay down
P: down down down down D: Ohhh *giberish* go down go down go down
P: *panicked ahhs* P: Oh it clipped him with it’s tooth P: Are we okay?
D: Is this it? Oh my God are we making it? Are we making it? P: Is this it?!
D: Oh MY- KEEP MASHING A P: That was like one final scare D: Pfft A bloody jumpscare. Five Nights At Donkey’s P: I think- (laughs) I think we’re okay P: Oh! That’s-
D: NO, go down P: We didn’t see what’s down here
D: I sense depths P: Someone’s at the door. (in the distance) Hello? P: It was just a parcel for you
D: What did I order? My life is so exciting P: (laughs)
D: *beep* this video, I wanna go downstairs. D: Okay, we’re under warts
P: Let’s murder some final fish D: We need to be acutely aware of… P: Oh! Puzzle Piece! Did you get that? Yep D: Was that a puzzle piece in that clam?
P: Yeah yeah
D: Are you kidding me? P: He’s got it
D: This game is ridic- D&P: (chorus of “ooh”s and “ohh”s)
P: It’s the fish! D: Oh Noo I just gruesomely head-butted a slee- Oh my God P: It’s still kind of alive
D: I’m not getting satisfaction D: I kind of am; it’s very bouncy
P: This is weird P: Oh. I drowned, I drowned! D: Phil, you’re having too much fun headbutting a fish corpse
P: (laughing) I’m sorry
D: and you didn’t notice your own drowning P: Right
P: What’s over here? P: That is a secret entrance (D: Bloody hell) if you notice that D: Hold A
P: A A Hold A P: I can’t do that D: Awhh what’s that? You need Dixie Kong’s help do you?
(P: Whaat?) D: ACCELERATE! With your weave of justice!
P: (strange noise) P: (laughs)
D: She got propellers in her hair or something?
P: You propelled me through, it’s okay P: That was a secret exit. So hopefully it’ll be some- ooh D: Okay, wait wait wait; just saying, what is the difference between using that secret exit and the other one? P: I think this unlocks a bonus level somewhere else on the map D: We’re unlocking a bonus level?! P: Yeahh! D: Wait (x5) D: In our quests so far, P: Yes? D: Have we successfully got a DK yet?
P: No, but we’re gonna do it this time
D: Okay P: Shes- OHH!
D: OHH YESS BASH BASH IT BASH IT (demonic growl) YESSSS D: Seven balloons! Got it! See that? Mmmm
P: That was very good P: High five? *clap* ahhhhh P: Power P: So that was it. That was the barrel level
D: I am so impressed with us P: We were so much better at that than Mine Cart D: We’re living in a post Flappy Bird world, Phil P: (laughs)
D: The entire generation has adapted to being able to soar, and descend in extreme circumstances P: We have the barrel skills
D: Fish! Nah mate. I dealt with pipes back in the day, before it was deleted D: Sorry
P: Dan’s got hiccups
D: (cough/laugh thing) P: So what’s next?
D: Er the only thing left is a boss level P: Oh no
D: The bosses in this game are impossible P: (whispering) Hard D: That was a bit- okay, erm
P: What? (laughs as though innocent) D: Just, just- P: So thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up P: Or maybe two. And you can also subscribe by clicking below. P: That was a little hiccup you did there
D: (laughing) Yes, I’m still hiccuping
P: (imitating hiccup) Wheep D: I’m gonna be like this for three days P: Put your fingers in your ears and sing a note P: Do it (x4) D: Laaaaaa P: Now your hiccups are gone. Don’t speak P: Don’t speak P: Is he gonna hiccup? Place your bets P: Are they gone? D: (shocked) No fucking way P: Cured! D: What?! What just happened?! P: I used one of my magic remedies
D: That’s not a thing! P: Well it’s obviously a thing
D: Obviously that was just really well timed from when my body was naturally gonna stop hiccuping P: If this was a science lab they would be injecting everyone with that shiz P: 100% accuracy D: (laughs) That’s why you’re not a doctor D: Bye
P: Bye


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