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The internet has nae shortage of flash games
that folk have made themselves for fun and pit up for aa’ wis to enjoy, and they are
amazing. That goes for both the games and the creators themselves, cause in most cases
they’ve made them free to play at no cost to the player. They’ve also given us something
to do at school during break times and during class when we’re secretly playing games
when we’re supposed to be doing work. Maybe that’s why I failed computing….
Personally, I love these games, they’ve got a real old school feeling to them, y’know
before all games were in 1080p. They’re also pretty easy to discover while just browsing
the internet, or perhaps browsing your favourite gaming creators on YouTube, which is ultimately
how I discovered the flash games I’m gonna be talking about.
They dinnae always get the recognition they deserve, so I just wanna take a few minutes
and speak aboot my three favourite flash games, and what it is I love about them.
This is by far my favourite one on the list. The Henry Stickmin franchise is a series of
5 games: Breaking the Bank, Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond, Infiltrating the Airship,
and finally Fleeing the Complex. They were all created by Puffballs United, and the first
game, Breaking the Bank, was released on the 27th of September 2008.
This franchise is a bit of a point and click/choose your own adventure type of thing. The whole
basis of these games is that you’re playing as this guy named Henry Stickmin, and in each
game you’re tasked with breaking into or out of somewhere, or just straight up stealing
a massive diamond. The thing I love about this franchise is the
comedy, like the joke within the games that the teleporter never works. Except for one
time in Stealing the Diamond when it actually does work. Not to mention the numerous like
game references in the game, from everything from Team Fortress 2 to a direct Five Nights
at Freddy’s reference with Freddy Fazbear himself showing up. There’s also a slight SpongeBob
SquarePants reference in Infiltrating the Airship with the inclusion of a magic pencil.
You also can never quite tell where it’s gonna go in terms of science and physics,
cause these games have a tendency of ignoring the laws of physics, cause I am dead set certain that
is not how helium works! I have also recently just discovered that
Puffballs United are remastering all five games, and the remastered collection of games
is gonna release on Steam sometime in 2020. I honestly cannot wait.
Remember in school, bored in class, and you’d just wanna get up and walk out in the middle
of the day? Well, in Riddle School, you can do just that! In the first three games, that
is. The Riddle School franchise is a series of 7 puzzle-based games. They were all created
by Jonochrome, formerly known as JonBro, and the first game was released way back on the
25th of May 2006. Spoiler warning by the way, I will be talking
about the plot of the games. Each game has a similar concept, in that you’re
tasked with escaping from a school. Well, in the first three, that is. In Riddle School
4 you, playing as Phil Eggtree, actually die, and then in Riddle School 5 it’s revealed
that games 2 through 4 were all a dream, and you now have to escape from an alien spaceship.
In Riddle Transfer 1 you then get abducted again and you then have to to escape from
area 5.1, and then in Riddle Transfer 2, you are back in the school you started in in Riddle
School 1, after your double abduction that is, and you now have to deal with an alien
running your school. Yeah, this escalates kinda quickly.
These ones are more puzzle based as you go through and try to find a way to get the key
to escape from school, and then find a way to escape an alien spaceship, and then area
5.1. This is also probably the most story based one on this list, as each game flows
into the other to create this big story, and not to mention it does hold a great twist
of the tail with games 2 through 4 actually being a dream. A dream which was of course
generated by the aliens that kidnapped you after the first school in Riddle School 1.
I love a good twist of the tale in a game. There is No Game is ironically enough a game,
where I think the developer just didnae ken whit to ca’ it, and if that’s the case
I dunna blame him, it’s a pretty random wan. It was developed and made by KaMiZoTo
and was released around the summer of 2015. The whole premise of this game is to…. Well,
I’m not even too sure. It starts out with you proving to the narrator that there is
a game, and then you play brick breaker, glitches attack, then you need to get this goat out
of a cage which is locked, and you need to get the key from the squirrel which has gone to the top
of a tree which you grow with water and you need to give the squirrel the nut.
And in the end it just leads back to the narrator being adamant that there is no game, so…..
“THERE IS NO GAME!” It’s a pretty random one.
But it’s the randomness about this one which makes me like it so much, and is why
I had so much fun playing it. And the slightly annoying narrator being adamant that there
is no game, and the fun of proving him wrong, and proving to him that there is indeed a
game. And not to mention, I love how the enemy of the game is glitches, which is by far a gamer’s
worst nightmare, aside from lag of course. These are of course just a fraction of the
free to play flash games that you can find online, and there’s perhaps some better
ones out there that I just haven’t found yet. But what’s your favourite online flash
games? Let us know down in the comments.


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  1. Skullboy 345

    November 29, 2019 5:17 pm

    All games I’ve played too! Riddle School & Henry Stickmin are great games, thanks for the info on the HS Steam Collection! 😁👍


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