FullBucket Foal Probiotic

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Hi. I’m doctor Keith Latson, I’m an equine surgeon and co-founder of FullBucket. I want to share with you about our Foal Probiotic which is a really powerful probiotic we’ve developed specifically for Foals that are under three months of age and particularly for folds that are less than 30 days this probiotic contains two strains of probiotic lactobacillus rhamnosus as well as saccharomyces boulardii I both really powerful streams for supporting the health of the GI tract in folds it also contains lactose which is really important for Foles that are suckling and in helping them to digest milk particularly folds that are having digestive problems they oftentimes are not able to digest milk well so the lactase is a really really important component of this product it also contains immunoglobulins which if you click over to our video on the full kick-start you can get a really in-depth review of the benefits of those immunoglobulins in our kickstart we have put those into the full probiotic as well just to support the immune system and support the gastrointestinal health in foals this product is one of the components of our full kit where we support the health of folds for the first seven days of life that full kit contains the one tube of kickstart as well as six tubes of the full probiotic so you can get it either way it comes as a 10 pack the full probiotic comes as a 10 pack on our website and for younger foals you would give a half a tube twice a day and for older foals 30 to 90 days old you would give one full tube not twice a day so this is our full probiotic a really powerful addition and support opportunity for folds that are at high risk and we hope you’ll use it thanks for entrusting us with with your full and we want to encourage you to continue to check out our website all of our full support products and remember that our full probiotic and all of our other products are all part of the careful s care program where we donate a product to a horse and need either internationally or domestically but a horse in the for everyone we felt once again thanks for entrusting full bucket


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