General Horse and the Package of Doom – trailer


🎶Awesome music playing 🎶 I’m General Horse. And I’m about to deliver. *peyoo*boom*boom* *Woosh* *bam* *smash* *crack* Bring me the head of this General Horse! *gun fires* *laser gun fires* I will squish you like this! 🎶 Awesome music becomes meditative and relaxing 🎶 Something new or something old? But you have to pay for it, of course. Okay, what’s next? What’s next? LANTERN OIL! 🎶 meditative music intensifies with drums 🎶 Cheerio. We are in grave danger. *smack* It may not be obvious, but we’re pirates. I am… A mystical space alien… ‘ello. I’m fashion ninja. I’ve been expecting you… Arsehole. Welcome! Traveler! You look like that General Horse. Aha? Bwahahaaa! Aha? Ha? AAAAARRR!!! NRRRRRRRR GNAAAAA Wooot, hahaaaa!!!1 *KŠŠŠŠŠŠ* *plop*


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