Geological: The Horse That Just Loves Racing

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Damian bought Geological at the start of the week in the October sales at Newmarket I got there the next day and, first thing we did, unload the horses get them all settled in and then went up to visit the stable, he was still stabled in Newmarket Right now him and Cash or Casualty are just the two horses that they’ve such a big place in my heart I’ve done more in racing than I ever thought I would do already So, yeah him and Cash or Casualty are just.. They mean the world to me He’s the horse that will always get you out of a hole whenever we’re out of form he’s still going to be relied upon to get us back rolling again He just has such a big heart he just wants to please everybody all the time He just wants to do his best all the time He was rated 99 two years ago at his highest He won off 89 and he got 10 pound for it and then he came right back down to 79 and you’re thinking “Ah we’ll never get back up to the high 90s again” Now he’s rated 96 heading off to Dubai like it’s, It’s a dream come true I do the accounts and the office side for Damian So whenever it’s a little bit tight I’ll always, kind of, see if there’s any races coming up that Geo can run in because even if it’s not 100% a suit, he’ll probably still pick up 4th or 5th and pick up a grand that can get us through a month and stuff like that So, yeah to me he’s the one in the yard that helps the most in terms of little holes and getting you out like everything you see in the yard, all the upgrades and that, throughout the years has probably been through Geological, you know he’s won all the money to buy everything you kind of see around us, so yeah the whole yard’s been built off his success so without him, you know, it’d be very unlikely we’d be as advanced as we are in terms of what we have now He’s just so.. he just wants to race he knows what he is, he knows he’s a racehorse and he loves doing it and, just the system with the beach and that you’re kind of doing short sprints you’re kind of always leaving him wanting more and the more you fill him up the more he wants to gallop for you and he just suits our training system I think as well like we’ve a completely different way of training than anyone else like there’s no walk or anything like that, and it just suits him it really does Knowing that he went well for female jockeys Myself and Damian were just like, “Right let’s see if we can get him to click with another female jockey” so we went through the apprentices available at the moment and Vanessa fitted the bill so we decided to give her a chance He was just so professional the minute I got on him he just knew his job straight out – down to the five furlong start he walked into the stalls by himself he jumped out, pulled himself up, turned around and he was brilliant Like, I know it’s kind of a cliché but he loves racing You know there’s some horses here that, and in any yard, that are genuine that go to the track, will give you their all, but when it comes to Geo, Geo knows he’s a racehorse He knows when he’s at the races, he knows his routine If he’s ran at a racetrack once he’ll have figured out where the parade ring is, where the entrance to the parade ring is, where the finish line is, where the stalls are He is a bit of a bully, and he likes to do things his own way, and when he has someone on his back and he feels like he’s the boss, kind of a bit and the girls are quiet and sit gently on him, he just gallops so much for them you know, he really gallops for them I can’t put my finger on it, but he definitely does love galloping for the girls as Vanessa’s proved this year The minute I heard he was going I jumped on, I wanted to go straight away I just think it’d be great to go over there and just You know like ride on the track even in the mornings and just learn paces and stuff like that and if I ride for other people over there in the mornings, and just riding at Meydan, it’s just a great opportunity like I couldn’t turn it down If there was ever a horse that’ll teach an apprentice it’s Geological she’s only ridden him five times, she’s only ridden him at home once before today, so six times now and she knows him better than most people who’ve ridden him 10, 20 times would know him Like he’s always a horse that thrived in the hot weather and this winter he looks fantastic most winters his coat is a little bit starey but this winter his coat is really shining he looks fantastic so look, he gets the sun on his back now you just don’t know what’ll happen he is my baby like, the horse means so much to me but I know she’ll mind him, because like he’s given her her first three winners he means nearly as much to her now as he does to me and I think they’re a match made in heaven, so having her there with him, and she’s going to be riding him you know she’s going to mind him like a baby you know he likes her, so My mind’s a little bit at ease not being there for the first few weeks but I’ll be itching to get over there in January now to see the pair of them He’s just such a special horse, he’s such a pleasure to do anything with like from letting him out into the field, to mucking him out he just always helps you, he’s just.. he’s just a dream horse


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  1. Isam Ahmed

    February 4, 2020 2:00 pm

    Lovely horse last time in meydan I gave him my vote in pick 6 and again I'll give him next Thursday. Gelogical you can no you should beat them well plz


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