Giuseppe’s Donkey Farm

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They are loving, social animals
that grow very fond of their owners.
They are humble animals We lived in an isolated house without water, electricity, or paved roads I worked with my donkey, I used him to transport milk to the road worker’s house and to bring home some water, since we didn’t have a water main
around here back in the day That donkey was more than just a colleague to me:
he was my friend I took him along with me when I went to watch tv at the bar
It was pretty much like having a dog Eventually, when we bought our first tractor
we ended up selling that donkey
and I’ve never fully recovered from it I have never stopped thinking about him In 1990, when I bought this farm
next to the workshop, I became hooked on the idea of raising donkeys and nobody could hold me back. Everyone seemed to be against it I was considered a black sheep, they thought I was bonkers. I had to find a 83 years old man who still remembered the recipe of mortadella
made with donkey meat. Nobody but him remembered it anymore There’s a 2,000 year-old document
that confirms that mortadella was
originally made from donkey meat but then it disappeared because
donkey meat stopped being used I managed to raise awareness of the appreciation and preservation of the donkey and meanwhile it’s spreading like wildfire
people now understand the value of this animal, which had been almost
totally forgotten Here we are in the maternity ward
the little one over there was born this morning This is my son The first mortadella ever made
was made of donkey meat Donkeys were used for working
well into their old age they could live to be 20-30 years old Cooking their meat was a way to make it as tender as possible It’s best savored with tigelle
or with some good bread it can also be served as an appetizer,
sliced into small cubes. You can fill your fresh pasta with it, as well.
Mortadella reigns supreme in our kitchen!


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