Grand Theft Horse #GraphicNovelMonday


Hey, y’all, happy Monday. Our graphic novel
for this week is “Grand Theft Horse” by G. Neri and illustrated by Corban
Wilkin. This graphic novel is about the true story of horse trainer Gail
Raffu who ever since she was a little girl has loved horses.
She studied all sorts of dressage in Europe as well as training horses when
she was a little girl in Texas. She also just has an affinity and care for horses
as well as what others would say are unconventional training methods. So in
this story she becomes part owner of a promising racehorse and begins training
it – him – but the other co-owners just see the horse as a profit potential and push
it into racing too early, which reveals this really dark side to horse racing in
general where horses are raced too early and pushed too far. There’s a lot of
heavy drug use for the horses going on a lot so basically just like rampant
animal abuse is going on, and for someone like Gail, is really horrible. So this
leads her to in the dead of night on a Christmas Eve whisking away her own
horse out from the under the nose of the other owners and securing it safely away
which then leads to a long ordeal in which she is harassed by the other
owners, followed by private investigators, she’s blacklisted from the racing world,
and has her license to train horses suspended, basically cutting off her
livelihood. And on top of all that, she’s like charged with
a bunch of different crimes or crimes one of them being grand theft horse,
which had not been like charged since the 1800s or so. It was like an old law,
even the judge was like this “what are you talking about?” For context this story
takes place in the early 2000s. Anyway so once the charge happens, a bunch of
complicated legal proceedings take place not only getting herself acquitted of
this charge, but getting her license back and basically just standing up to the
powerful attorneys and people of the racing world who are doing a bunch of
shady stuff. But she sticks to her morals and, spoiler, good triumphs in the end.
And she has an afterword written by Gail herself in which she
heavily advocates for being vocal and advocating for the rights of horses,
because the racing world in general is not a good place for them. So if you like
graphic nonfiction, if you’re into sort of standing up for what’s right, if
you’re an animal lover, if you are into complicated legal procedurals, any of
that, you might really like this book. I enjoyed it a lot and I highly recommend
it. Anyway, that’s it for today. Stay tuned for Teen Book Tuesday tomorrow and have
a wonderful week! Bye!


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