HACKING a SOLID METAL Pen?! – The Zebra F-701 EDC Hack


Let me start this video by saying this: I’m not a pen guy. I”m not a pen guy- however, I’ve loved the Zebra F-701 for years. It clicks, it’s knurled, and it’s all metal… or so I thought. It actually has a plastic click mechanism. But at some point, the EDC [Every Day Carry] community fell in love with this pen and they developed a hack to make it all metal. I figured I’d show you how it’s done To get started you’ll need a few things. First off, this pen: The Zebra F-701 You’re also going to need this other pen, The Zebra F-402. This one comes in a 2-pack. For this hack, you’ll be taking the brass mechanism out of the 402 and putting it in the 701. While you’re kind of wasting a pen, it’s alright — these pens are pretty cheap. Beyond the two pens, you’ll need a heat source and a pair of pliers. Step one is to remove the plastic click mechanism from the F-701, the pliers should make short work of this. Alright, here’s the tricky part, you’ve gotta extract the brass mechanism from the F-402, and you’ve got three different options Option number one is to unscrew the tip of the pen a couple threads and bear down on it to eject the knob. I tried this a bunch of ways, but it didn’t work at all for me, though… *Dramatic sigh* your mileage may vary. Option number two is to heat up the click end of the pen, just enough to melt the plastic sleeve holding the mechanism in place. Be careful not to burn yourself… and remember, you’re just trying to soften it up. As you can see, I kinda overdid it and wrecked the whole mechanism. Good thing these pens come in a two-pack… Okay, option three: Stick the pen in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes, then come back and try to unscrew it. Now before trying it, I thought this was ridiculous, but to my surprise, freezing the pen followed by a touch of heat, worked the best. I think the heating allows the metal to expand, but freezing it first lets you do this without melting the plastic. Then you should be able to just unscrew. Aright, now the final step. Take your shiny new mechanism and screw it into your F-701. It’s a pretty tight fit, soo ya might need a rubber glove or pliers to tighten it down. I used both. And just like that… You’ve got an all-metal pen. So, conclusion – It’s not perfect, but it’s a pretty easy, fun project, and it’s a good way to make something uniquely yours. Whether you’re into pens or not, for 20 bucks it’s definitely worth a try. If you want to try this out for yourself, I borrowed most of my instructions from an article by The Clicky Post which I’ve linked in the description. Also, follow me on Snapchat if you want to keep up with what I’m doing! (@WeiszCracks) See you guys next time!


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  1. Jacob Earl

    February 10, 2018 1:48 am

    A nice video! Seems like a fun project, and you did the video in that classic neistat project style that's hard to nail just right, but you did a good job 👍


    July 15, 2018 7:20 pm

    This F-701 still has a black plastic sleave inside the pen body that provides the threads that you used to secure the all metal button / clicker mechanism from the 402. Just saying. I do like your video and I'll probably modify my 701 the same.

  3. Kevin Thomson

    May 2, 2019 7:41 pm

    Awesome had the F-701 for a while now and that little plastic ring had been in the back of my mind taunting me. Well guess who’s driving to staples to get a 2 pack of destroyable pens to solve the issue 👍


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