Herd of Two: What horses teach about power and communication


The first years of my life I thought I was a horse, as I preferred running around on four feet. When I figured out that I wasn’t, I was disappointed, but then I was sure that I was going to be
an Indian who will tame horses. School didn’t feel like life for me, never.
It felt like a theatre – abstract. Real life must be something else, I always thought. So I was desperate to be with horses. I had always understood them,
and they understood me. And I found one horse in my village,
it was a three-year-old mare, as dangerous as a lion in a cave. His owner had bought her and wanted to break her,
but was afraid of her. She had learned to not respect human beings
and attacked him with teeth and hooves. I thought that was brilliant because I did not understand the human beings either. It was so obvious for me that there must
be another way to be with horses but there was never anyone in my life that
could show me the other way, and that was my chance because I had to find it. So I found it and made it my profession. The horses, when I correct them, I show
them the way how to get back to their essence. And when I tame them, I leave the full essence
so it can develop itself as brilliant as it is. And when I work with people… I will never just work on the horse’s problem
because it doesn’t have a problem it is… it always wants to tell you something. The horse shows them their weaknesses… I translate. What the horses need from us is always
the security… of a leader. They live in a herd, they’ve got
a strong social life with rules, and if they don’t know their own rules they will die. And when you’re working with a horse
you are a herd of two. They have to make sure that they can
survive with you. In the corral we try to get into communication with
the horse in its own language using the energies of the mayor and the stallion. There is one main stallion in a herd. He’s the strongest one, so he won a lot of fights
with other stallions. The male energy is a lot of pressure because it comes from behind. It is straight. It is ‘I want’. Whilst the mayor, she got elected by the herd.
She did not have to fight a lot. She’s got this with them which everybody feels
so everybody wants to be with her. In nature, it is always the leading mayor
that’s the first leader and not the stallion. The world is the other way around. When you observe people working
with horses usually you can see that they work with them in 90% in male energies. My work is actually based on telling the
world that the female energy is very important. The stallion works on respect,
and the mayor works on trust. She’s got the position in front, and when you’re in
front then a lot of fears come up and oh – I don’t know I don’t have any tool –
how do I move the horse? The only thing you’ve got is your
insight – is you have to find clarity and… and everything the horse needs from you
you have to find it in your inside. If not, it would not follow you. I don’t want to say that the male energy
does not do any good. It’s just that… there is an imbalance in between the two energies. You always need the sun and the moon,
and heaven and earth… should be in balance. And I want them to understand what
energy they’re actually in. And I want them to understand
what these energies are all about, and how they could manage them in themselves. For example, we have been taught maybe
that your own space is not important. You shouldn’t take it because
when you’re not taking your space, you seem to be polite, you seem
to be nicer – you’re a nice person! That thing of being polite is a theatre
of not acting what you’re actually feeling. The opposite is clarity.
You dare to say what you think. The horse just says “yes” or “no” –
there’s always black or white there is no gray. And we’re not used to that.
We think this is hard but it’s just clear. You have to be out of the emotion… or you
cannot lead a herd. Will be not possible. Different types of emotions, for example…
you’re afraid of something… Frustration, aggression or whatever. The horses, they do not communicate with our egos. They use the communication channel of the heart,
the intuition. For children it’s easier to be in the present because
their intuition is still quite… big. [laughs] Whilst the adults, we have lost it. Because the ego, our mind, is living in a past or in the future. It’s never stopping in the middle. For a horse there is no time. All the time starts from zero. That’s where you meet the horse.
The horse is here, it is in the middle. Here’s the present. When you get into that state – no tomorrow, no yesterday, and that’s where there is no emotions
there is no thoughts. It’s just pure. And that’s when you know, “Oh yeah, I’m in a horse’s channel. There is communication.” For me, real life were the horses, and they still are,
because they contain the real wisdom of life. It’s so easy to work with them and to learn from them. Even the horse which was treated really badly,
it will always give you another chance. Always. You will never close the doors
forever and think, “Okay that was it.” The more conscious I was getting through the
horses, the better I was getting with people, until finally I started to love to work with people, knowing that I would help a lot
of horses helping people. And the horse and anything in nature is
part of the universe. So when you can heal someone it will heal everything, because everything is connected
and everybody’s connected. The most important thing is really to be willing. I say look at the eye, because the eye, when the horse is pure,
it’s in balance. You can see the soul if you want and the
eye changes – can change in half second! But you have to want to see it.


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  1. Marita Adams

    October 13, 2018 1:56 pm

    This short film helped me a lot. I don’t ride horses anymore, however Carline gave me insights about human being communication. Thank you Caroline.
    Marita Adams

  2. Lisa Gay

    April 27, 2019 11:19 am

    They're,,,so,,beautiful,,soo,,sweet,,they,,are,,so,,peaceful,,so,,healing, to,,us,,,i,,love,,them,,God,,blesd,,them😍😂😆☺😙😏😏🖐

  3. Balance With Hooves

    June 4, 2019 9:50 pm

    Beautiful .. I work with horses and people as well and really enjoyed this documentary and enjoyed your story. Thank you for sharing


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