Hero Ma Yongzhen新版马永贞 第20集

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This fucking old fox , scab What the hell is going on? Ma yongzhen is my Chinese dish. The meat in the belly can be saved by his daughter. At the time, Bai Li said they would join us in dealing with five people. But in the end He doesn’t have any money. we’ve got a lot of money. The old guy was a cinch. This is the king of the eight, and this time the guy who’s running away from Ma yong zhen is definitely not going to stop. They are still the good brothers of P who are on guard against him Am I afraid that he won’t do it? The life of Ma yong zhen is in my hands I think it’s just a matter of time Now I think it’s really dangerous It was a miss You’re worried about buying a Hummer and it’s just that you’re gon na work together. What can’t be done If you want to get rid of white riley Ma yong zhen is just a turtle in the middle Eldest brother If you’re applying to the White House I’m afraid I can’t take advantage of it. If you want her to go head-to-head I’m not gon na wait till today But To get rid of the tiger You want to be safe. I’ve been watching white riley’s every move these days. What’s the wind? Come back and tell me I’ve just heard the man say he’s leaving for Hangzhou tomorrow. Go to Hangzhou What did he do in Hangzhou? Go back You have to take your medicine What’s the best time to hear? My body is strong Just wait a minute and I’ll go over to uncle GE. Will you wait for me to pack up? But he said What’s wrong with him? Can’t he? You can’t leave me behind You say Oh Yeah I’m not gon na take care of you. Don’t say to him Thank you I’m gon na take revenge for you. Beef cattle A bow Send to Oh Thank you Oh yeah After all, I’m going out. It will take a few days to get back All these things Just a few days leave to go to Hangzhou with white boss and younger brother You really deserve a break. Oh What are you going to do in the future? The elder brother is just dead I’m not in a mood right now. I know that uncle GE is a big hit on you. But you can’t do that You have to pull yourself together The vibrator has so many brothers looking at it And if you go down like this What you’re going to explore I know you’re in the mood for the first time. It won’t be the last time And there will be people who will take this notice and you will sacrifice it for you He can’t be your best friend. Pigs I don’t know what the east is for I’m small white Come home You can live a safe life Blessing I don’t want you to sell my life for me. You know, you know, you know, you know, you know Of course I know If not And I’m not going to support you all the time But you’ve thought about it. If no one bleeds No one’s sacrifice In such a society of weak meat How can you get peace You have to be strong enough Better than everybody else That’s how you can protect yourself. Protect more You are the one you should be I should make myself strong Shang zhen gang is strong As you said to Xiao Bao Be a man I won’t say it again I think It’s not enough to have a kung fu museum. Everybody has a job Zhang zhendong’s brother can make a living Add your own hand Game man wharf Internet users this casino nightclub will never run When I first came to Shanghai It’s a yellow bag What’s the matter You don’t starve to death in the street This is called the mountain side And they wrote their own business in honor of the uncle What do you think In any case So you’ve taken the first step Even the fleet and the dock We can grow the earthquake in the same way that we don’t have a roller coaster Warm-up team Clear water The mountains and the sky are the same The west lake to the west Light makeup is always a good match That’s right The white boss is really rare to have this kind of leisure. Take a walk this time I think it’s time to relax Yeah Every day in the house It’s suffocating. In the future Let’s go for a walk. Right It’s actually You really should get out there You guys don’t have to be with me. You young people naturally have young people go to places I’m going for a walk here Just walk away. Go home early Don’t go crazy You hear, you know, you don’t want to go fast. Forget it The brothers are ready to go There must be no way to go wrong. Okay Understand Finish the job I’ll go back Your good news Rest assured Boss What’s going on Is it your pipeline concession? That’s the day I shouldn’t have been so reckless. And now your vibrators have to do with our five lakes. That’s an oval-stone The dog jumps over the wall. And it is Ma yong zhen I didn’t see it. The brothers keep looking for him It’s okay to hang around in front of you all the time Come to an end You can’t even see it Hum What do you wish for? That’s not true I want to know So I can say that If it’s not true Don’t blame me. Okay Don’t say Don’t say I don’t want to hear that. It’s better just hurt the arm Shouldn’t be a big deal But now we must try to stop the bleeding. Do you see that Who’s not in charge of Yao? Yao yifan, this isn’t to let us eat dumb money? We didn’t do it. To point the finger at us Hum White riley, the old fox It’s a deliberate provocation He just wanted to see us and the five lakes fighting each other He’s a good catch. What shall we do now? Yong zhen Think about it Even if we don’t admit it now I’m not going to let him go. So instead of It’s better to push the boat out and borrow the white riley. You say it’s not what we do. We have people And it was a very bad day for xue changchun It’s absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to do this. Yongzhen you think again White riley was at this point in time for the killer of the five lakes. It’s about planting the booty on us. For him It’s all about looking at us and the five lakes. No matter what the outcome is He can do it with a little bit of effort Get rid of one of them By that time The upper beach is not a tripod It’s a two-world pattern Teacher, I think miss duan is right to let them come to you. Why don’t we do it first The master is here That’s the only way I can see it Or wait for us to get revenge. We’re going to kill it first It’s not his death. It’s me In that case It’s time to hit our town. Why Yang Since you took office Zou’s IQ has always been very confusing And now it’s out of control How are you going to give me an account of this? Mr. Minister Listen to me In Shanghai, there were only two comparative advantages of the loser and the old lake. They have never been in the water Now we have another list It’s a complicated situation Mr. Minister, you don’t know. Ma yongzhen is a rising star in the Shanghai gang. Since he defeated the samurai The Chinese in Shanghai are the heroes. So his gang is going to grow That’s a violation of the interests of the two gangs I’m sure they didn’t do it It’s hard to avoid the enemy I’m not going to listen to you all this crap. What I want is the prosperity and stability of the sword You’ve got a good dream that you have a good dream. Student Chen hao always I don’t care what you do Get it right now Make sure it doesn’t happen again Quiet Mr. P I’ll do it right away We have two casinos that were burned at this time. Two playgrounds were destroyed Three dance halls were smashed. Take this list and go to Ma yong zhen. It’s not clear Lao tzu wanted his life. Walk Anyway Why didn’t you come back? Eldest brother Look at your sample. What else? Boss, that’s a bad thing. He had an accident. Something’s gone wrong What’s going on Just a brother says Also, he went to Hangzhou to kill the white and the dysentery. Result What happens It’s a miss A development person Student: yeah It’s called the white and the dysentery was injured But I don’t know what to do Calculate Daughter-in-law Daughter-in-law This guy Ok, good I don’t have a pig’s head You see? I’m kind of In the middle of The owner of the fire burned his eyebrows. You still have a cup of tea. You bring me in Do you want me to see you like a monkey on the butt? Thank you So what do you say about this? I can’t help you. Not just me Even Mr. Piya couldn’t help it You don’t have to do this. I’m gon na go to Ma yong zhen. You didn’t catch my drift. You’re gon na have to deal with Ma and you don’t have to help us. The problem is you can’t deal with it now Ma yong zhen Not only now can not be the future and can not deal with Ma yong zhen Why this time has really pissed off piya’s boss And if you let this thing go on I’m not going to be able to keep you on the side of the concession Boss Of Xue You and Ma yong zhen are right and you can’t fight with the French, you can’t do it with the French. What do you mean Ma yong zhen hit me on the field Even if it’s white The question is, didn’t you want his life? All right You are a bright white This time, Ma yongzhen is setting out to be desperate for you. I know you don’t even think about him. If the white boss had any more of a thing to do at this time Two people joined hands Then you are completely passive You don’t hurt your hurt. Fortunately, it was the arm And doctor sue is not going to get in the way I’m going to take someone to see the money in changchun right now. I’m still with him. You should never be too bold to change your dad’s big deal. Weifang to have a good rest White boss is injured You’re not gon na let him go. That’s it Tell the housekeeper to prepare supper You’re still eating dinner. I won’t go I have to give you another medicine. Hahaha I’ll take you in. The boss drinks tea And there was no reaction on the other side of the city for a few days It’s said that the consulate is going to have a better time. Don’t let Xu do something What’s the reaction going on there? Ma admits that all the fields are his. They also took over many of the docks in What I didn’t know that Ma would suddenly come up with such a thing. He didn’t do it. And he took the initiative and he took it and took advantage of it Even though xue is still in the drum Ma yongzhen must know that I did it. He was trying to force me out of wubang by the power of my hand. Ma yong zhen He’s got a really good guy behind him. Then we are not eating a dumb one. We’re dealing with the cheap But it was him Or else I’m just trying to kill one of them It doesn’t matter whether it’s Ma yongzhen or xue changchun Now the consulate is going to step in and intervene It’s certainly not good for Xue Changchun So to speak I should help Ma yong. Let xue changchun completely turn over Top dog And I learned that changchun sent Yao to suicide. I’m just gon na make sure that I’m gon na work with Ma yong zhen to deal with him. I’m still worried about the right excuses. Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha Ha Now I want to see you. It was the first time that xue himself sent me to the mansion. Even if you don’t want to What can be done? You’re still blaming me. Insist that if it really helps to get blood I’m gon na do my best Ah I’m really losing my money this time. Ma yong zhen hit me on the field Half the battle To captain mau And the consulate is going to have to swallow my breath This time What a loss for a wife. You’ve had a lot of trouble with your years in the battle with Ma yong zhen. You shouldn’t have to. It’s not the time to get into the white You call a man to kill him. Isn’t you doing this to yourself? That’s right I’ve always wanted to get rid of the white But I really don’t know about the assassination. he made his own claim. And they lost their lives I’ve been with my brother for so many years. I’m not going to lose it In my heart You are the one who makes the decision. It’s really a big problem for me That’s the point It’s too late to get him back. That’s why I came to you. A place where you can help him. I’ll do my best But the French consulate has been alerted to this issue. Even if I ask lou to help me. He doesn’t necessarily have a good solution I don’t know if I’m gon na talk about the loan. My five lakes help all the tenants in the concession. I could have done it I know that If Ma yongzhen and white riley join hands to deal with Even my brothers in the five lakes all went to hell. It’s not going to end up well So instead of I’m not as good as saving Encase To help a brother’s life wait for a chance Make a comeback If you give up the loan Where do you live Travesty Not on loan We have a funny thing You know, Li da Li in hua Li is a heavy soldier. There’s something else in the city of xue If I asked her to stand on her feet Who else can stand in the way Turn down This thing You must help me. Have a sleep Scold the boss If you have already been on the ride Please be a liar on this one And then they’ll do their own thing Separate things Stop fighting and killing And then My French concession can be turned over Valium If any of you have violated the above figure That’s blatant and dirty Openly and openly with the French consulate This responsibility None of you can afford it In the Scold the boss Do you have any questions? I’ve given it to you. I can do it if I can. If you have anything to say about it That’s the sincerity with Mr. Pya. Boss Of Xue Mr. Pea We’re just doing business in the east. Casino Discos We don’t run We just have to Wharf and car number Ma yong zhen You don’t have to have nice people here When I hit my field You’re happy Why don’t you see it so clearly? In that case Then we respect the horse owner and the boss means that you don’t lose Just in time for the security of our concession. I decided to send more people to strengthen the patrol. This is my best man Hereafter He was responsible for the security of the concession. I appointed you today as the Vice President of the house arrest To take charge of the security of the concession Your responsibilities will be great in the future Do you have confidence Xuanxuan Hello Dare to send someone to kill my dad. If you don’t speak to me today Don’t blame my white brothers for not saying yes. What’s the matter with the boss? I already knew the white boss’s injury. But I don’t know about the stabbing. But after I and I had done this I’ll go to the mansion and give the white boss a reason. What kind of medicine does xue changchun sell? How could he have given up his field so easily to Ma yongzhen There’s something really weird about this. What’s so hard to understand Xue is now in the back of his stomach. He’s afraid that we’ll help the east gang up against him. Don’t say it’s his factory. Even a little life is lost. So instead of Better to save our money than to let him die. It’s not that simple The man in the city of xue changchun I know he is better than a jade That horse was really getting the benefit Xue changchun sends you a plot to assassinate you. It’s time to give us an explanation He said He’ll come and tell you Boss xue’s boss Ask him to wait for me in the library. Sell it How can I hurt you? I’m a big man Or you wouldn’t be alive today Grass Ha White boss We’re not talking in the dark. I know The man who killed you is ivan. But I promise you that I really don’t know You’ve been with you for so many years. It’s your heart Some words Even if you don’t talk about exports And presumably he knew that White boss I’m here to make an end between you and me. Whatever happened to us in the past Let’s write it off today What does that mean? Presumably the white boss knows Between me and Ma yong zhen I’ve got the dock All the business in the car business But I’m in the casino The dance hall and the night club hope the white boss will accept me So he quit the concession There are some years of dealing with it It’s not like you can do it If so You’re really putting me in a bit of a pickle. I went to changchun and said I want to get out of the concession It’s gon na be redundant I don’t want to say too much This is my catalogue from the concession stand You go over it


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