Hipódromo V Centenario: Hipismo con sabor dominicano.


The sport of horse racing in the Dominican Republic dates back 100 years. Today we will visit the south of the island, to know the V Centenario racecourse. Alberto: The Caribbean flavor is known worldwide and today I am here in the Dominican Republic or as the Dominican brothers call it Quisqueya the beauty! Let’s meet the V Centenario racecourse, which offers has and how the Caribbean flavor is transferred to the local racings. My name is Alberto Rodriguez and 10 years ago I started in the horse racing industry. Now I travel the world knowing the different existing racetracks. Join me on this adventure called … Racetracks The racecourse is located in the Santo Domingo Este Sector, a municipality in the province of Santo Domingo, which is the capital of the Dominican Republic and with a population of more than 3,000,000 inhabitants. On Saturday, April 29, 1995, it was first run at the V Centenario racecourse, which was built in substitution of the former Perla Antillana racecourse, after it remained active for about 50 years. The name of V Centenario was given by the then President Joaquín Balaguer, in honor of the commemoration of the arrival of the Spaniards to the American continent and for the importance of this fact in world history. The local equestrian administration is committed to Dominican youth, providing tools not only for future jockeys, but for the youth in general with basketball courts, soccer courts and spaces to practice baseball. The races are held on Tuesdays and Saturdays starting at 3:30 in the afternoon. With an approximate of 6 races in the day and a capacity of up to 12 horses per event, which makes the race afternoon a fast and dynamic with a lot of action. The oval is composed of sand with 1,600 meters in length. The splitter is automatic with bell and has capacity for up to 12 horses. The internal paddock has capacity for 12 horses and space required for preparation and ride of horses, riders room, medical room and recess area. The outer paddock has capacity for 12 horses, space needed for horse walk, silage, winners’ circle and trophy deliveries. Alberto: And I am here on the first level of the V Centenario Racecourse where there are more than 20 cashiers to get your bets a lot of space for you to come with your whole family and there is a cafeteria that has Dominican foods. But if you don’t want to be between the hustle and bustle and you want something more calm. Let’s go to the second floor. Alberto: And if you want a quieter environment Go up to the second floor of the V Centenario. Where you can enjoy of all the racing action, with air conditioning, a spectacular view. Monitors with simulcast, local races, private bar, magazine, program … I think it is enough because now I have to taste this incredible and succulent dish. With 1,500 parking lots and free entrance. The racecourse has approximately 3,600 seats in stands and capacity for about 10 thousand people in its entirety. “Robert comentating” And after visiting the facilities of the racecourse. We reach the third level of physical structure, to the area of ​​the television broadcast booth, to greet our friends, especially the young broadcaster Robert Sánchez, who tells us about his experience as a career narrator and the enthusiasm generated by horse races in the Dominican Republic. Robert: As a young man I have the commitment to follow in the footsteps of great talents here in the Dominican Republic. As Mr. Simon Alfonso Pemberton “The Magician” was, a narrator who, with his voice, raised this hypism to the highest level. And as is Mr. Jose Luis Mendez, who is currently the official narrator of horse racing here in the Dominican Republic. Dominican hipism is unique. It is a hipism that falls in love. Here you live 100 percent passion. The Dominican fan is not a fan who focuses on earning $ 100 or $ 200. It is more the excitement of seeing a horse of his pleasure to win a race. When they win, they enjoy it 100 percent, and when the horse loses they suffer, they cry. Because hypism is like that … That is Dominican hipism. Alberto: The race day ended and night fell here at the V Centenario racecourse in the Dominican Republic. After a day “bacano” as the Dominicans say here, I can guarantee you one thing. That night falls here … … but in the Dominican Republic you don’t sleep because the rumba begins. You already know that if you come to the Dominican Republic visit the only racecourse available the V Centennial Racecourse. This is all for this episode, until the next one. This is racetracks.


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  1. Radio Hipismo -Leo Guerrero

    September 30, 2019 11:15 pm

    Alberto,Sin lugar a dudas,un trabajo excelente,impecable,conciso..Material de importancia para todos los hipicos..Espero felicitarte personalmente cuando vengas a Gulfstream Park A La Serie Hipica Del Caribe!

  2. jairo jacinto mata

    December 26, 2019 11:14 am

    Saludos buen trabajo veo en tu presentación q ya firmaste en la rinconada Caracas Venezuela… Espero ver eso… Buenos programas para q el mundo hípico conozca cada hipódromo del mundo. Un abrazo desde venezuela


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