HippoKing Natural Products for Horses.

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One of our horses suffered from severe trush in his frog. So we got some King’s Klei. Which we apply to the frog right now. You should do that too. Kalinka I’ve never seen a horse with nicer socks than Buffalo has. Thank you! Thanks to King’s Mijt they look great again. beautiful! I wished I’d hair like this .Katrien, you used King’s Klei. Your experience? Really happy with the result. King’s Klei in Canada! King’s Klei in Canada! This horse suffers a lot from mites The owner shaved the socks off. We will apply King’s Mite. Horse with skin problems. Horse with skin problems. follow-up! King’s Zalf did its job well! These legs are really dirty. Rune go for it. Its easier to wash than expected. 123 and its ready. HippoKing is also for ponies. HippoKing is a cooperation between Frank from Herbalim He’s a professional herbalist and myself. I’ve been a farrier for over 15 years. We joined forces to create natural products for horses which offer solutions for problems your horses suffer from. Problems like Trush, mud fever, white line disease, muscle and tendon strains mites and lice The HippoKing is also there for donkeys.


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