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that’s your own tooth. Hi horselovers! In this video
we are gonna to talk about horse teeth. So if you want to learn more about horse dental care, horse dentist, or horse teeth. Then stick around
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to ring the bell to join the NotificationSquad. Today the horse dental caretaker is coming to see Qupido. Qupido has had some problems with accepting the bit for a little while now. It’s something very sudden. Because before he wasn’t
afraid for the bit. And he didnt’seem
to have any horse teeth problems. So we decided
to let the dental caretaker come. Horse dental caretaker? Yes! The dental caretaker. There is a differents
between a horse dentist and a dental caretaker. What’s the differents? Horse Dentists
are allowed to sedate and work the teeth with
elektrical equipment. While a dental caretaker
is using bare hands and a rasp. The dental caretaker is doing
some horse teeth cleaning. Checking out if there are
any horse teeth problems. And did you know
that the cheeck tooth of a horse is growing their entire life. Did you know that Qupido? No The dental caretaker is
rasping them smaller and is getting rid
of all the sharp edges. Maybe you think
horses act difficult when the *dental caretaker is busy with them. But horses at the *dental caretaker
are usually very cooperative. First i didn’t believe it myself Untill i saw it with my own eyes. Really?! Yes really. This is gonna be the first time
Qupido is at the horse dental caretaker. So,
let’s see how he’s gonna behave! Siem: What’d ya know! Qupi Nothing strange ever happens. And all of a sudden someone’s brushing your teeth! I prefer the horse dental caretaker
above all the elektrical stuff. Yea me too! Because sedating
always brings risks with it. Horse dentist? Or horse dental caretaker? I would choose
the horse dental caretaker. But ofcourse,
you can make up your own mind. We don’t have
much experience with the dental caretaker. But the experience we had
is a good one. Last year was the first time
we took flame to a horse dental caretaker. Horse denti…e…u…fri…s…
*cough* *cough*
That was bothering me. Before i never thougth about it. Flame is getting a little bit older. So i thought,
why not let the dental caretaker clean the horse’s teeth
and check how healthy the teeth are. When Siem Vlaar came
he let us feel some sharp teeth in the mouth of flame. But…but…
that’s not flame. This, this is not flame. Flame? Flame? Flame? Flame? This is flame! Just taking a break. Selfie time! He let us feel
some very sharp teeth in the mouth of Flame. It made me interested
and i figured Flame should go
every year. Just to check
if flame can still eat comfortably. By the way,
back then i didn’t even know
that molars of horses
are growing their entire life. Siem: Can you hear this over there? Steph: Yes. Siem: Same as the other horse. It’s my turn
to feel in Qupi’s mouth. Siem is cleaning Qupi’s teeth. And while he’s doing that,
he finds something nasty. There is an infection
underneath his 3th molar. So it need’s to be removed. Without the infected molar
Qupi can eat very easily again. Our dental caretaker
Siem Vlaar is done. There he goes. Now let me tell you
about the molar he removed. This is the… This is the tooth or molar
that the dental caretaker (we meant) removed from Qupido’s cheak. You can see right here. That it’s black. It’s a little bit rotten. So eh…
it was very necessary that it’s pulled out. And,
normally this molar would have come out when
Qupido is 4 years old. He’s now 3. So, it’s pulled out
a little bit early. It’s not that bad
because there already was another molar undernearth it. And, this tooth has grown
a little bit to the outside
of the mouth. And if you
zoom in here. You can see… Let me feel So this tooth has on the outside
a little sharp edge. I can really feel it on this side. And it was a little bit
to the out side of the mouth. So it really had to be removed. And also,
if you smell it you really smell a rotten scent. So it’s really good
that eventually the tooth has been removed. Hey! This is your tooth. Yes that’s right! And when the tooth was pulled. *Tractor disturbing the peace XD Sorry for the interruption. But let’s proceed. So, usually
the teeth are dropping out when a horse is 4 years old. And at this moment
Qupido is 3 years old. So it’s a little bit early
but it doesn’t matter. There will grow
a new teeth. It’s very stinky. So put it in a ball of chloor. And the stinkyness will
go away. That’s awesome Then we can make,
well, i donno, a necklace from it
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we’ll see you next time! Byebye. Aaaaah Yea! My teeth are working fine. Hey joh. Silly ^.^ Aaah! He’s so sweet! Just a little moment Qupi (for the snack).


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