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she’s literally my weed eater. I don’t know why she eats those they’re prickly I tried to take them down but she …she eats them. she usually gets to them before I do Velvy don’t eat those you’ve got plenty
of other food in here must be a delicacy you know it’s very prickly it reminds me
of a um… what do you call it artichoke! you know how it’s prickly it’s like so
good but It’ll get yeah anyway thought that was interesting. HA!


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  1. Porsche LK -Horses -Comedy -Vloging & More

    August 27, 2017 8:33 pm

    Velvet is SUCH a charactor!! She just loves these silly prickly flowers! I have no idea why but she loves them. Gets mad at me when i take them out. but OUCH… i don't know HOW she does it!


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