This is Tiker’s (Teek’ers) first time walking on
pavement we’re just going for a little stroll down the street so far he hasn’t
yanked out of my hand but, doesn’t mean he wont. so far he’s being, a good little boy. whoa…whoa. good boy. sweet.
good boy stay back a little. stay back. Stay back (in sweet voice). good boy. stay back. stay back. shh shh stay back trying to keep him …to back off a little. he spies mommy
hey it’s okay mom we’re just walking in (shouts to Tiki’s Mom in the pasture) We’re just goin for a walk. Hopefully i can get him back home. whats happenin. they gettin excited that you’re out for
a walk and they’re not. huh he’s doing so good I’m proud of you yeah I’m proud of you hi mom Tikis’ just keeping me company while
we work out together okay? He’ll be back Yesss (laughs) Thank you nice walk It’s good conquering this pavement. and we have a car coming whoa. see how
he does with the car whoa whoa whoa good job good job you were calm! it’s good excellent excellent now we’ll go up to the top of the Street here .. We’re gonna go up here Hey doing alright there kiddo? and we’ll turn around And we’ll go back! you’re just my handsome boy
that’s my hand some boy good job buddy start heading back down in
a minute


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