Horse Management Certificate Program at MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology

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My name is Karen Waite and I’m the coordinator of
the MSU Horse Management program. The purpose of the MSU Horse Management
program is to train the next generation of industry leaders and
that may be our more traditional students coming from
high school or community colleges or our nontraditional students who maybe have
been doing something else for a while and who have now decided to make
the equine industry a career. My name is Paula Hitzler and
I am the manager of the Michigan State University
Horse Teaching and Research Center. At this facility we teach many hands
on classes starting from young horse handling classes where their halter
breaking and working with weanlings and yearlings two year olds and then we move
on to a two year old colt starting class. Students get to start those
horses are assigned a horse and get to start it under saddle. Then we do foaling classes and students
have the opportunity to foal out mares and assist with breeding in the spring and all the way to a summer show class
where students are showing and helping train these horses to show
at a regional and national level. It’s amazing to see the variety of
different things that the students can do with their horse management degree and
the professors here are really good at helping you and placing you
exactly where you’re meant to be. We’ve had quite a few students who have
chosen to develop their own businesses. Some as riding instructors. Some as horse trainers. Many of them have gone on to
great success in that regard. So often times those students will work
for other people for a period of time and then move on to developing
their own business. My name is Kelly Beaubein. I’m a graduate of the two year
Horse Management program from MSU and I now own and
operate Double Star Equestrian. Double Star Equestrian is
an environment that I have created. We are going to use stellar horsemanship. We are going to use phenomenal skills
that we learn here at the farm to get our horses in a position
to reach the goals that we want. The two year students have a lot
of opportunities for careers. I am being contacted all
the time about opportunities for students as assistant trainers,
breeding farm managers, catalogue sales, event coordinators for
national organizations. So we’re getting a lot of phone calls for
opportunities for these students and in fact I have so many jobs that it’s
hard to actually even fill these opportunities for students but
the equine industry is a good employer.


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