“Horse” related useful English slangs and idioms in Desperate Housewives

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Hey guys, welcome back to my Channel. Today I`m gonna share with you 5 expressions about “horse”. Without further ado, let`s get started. Number 1, Let`s not beat a dead horse. It means let`s put an end to it. If something is already finished, there is no point still talking about it. The horse will never react to you because of death. So it refers to a situation when someone wastes time and effort trying to do something that is impossible like keeping talking about a subject that has been discussed or decided Number 2, workhorse. Before Lynette had 4 kids to take care of, she was also a workhorse pursuing her career and people tried to keep up with her It has a semantical synonym “workaholic” It can be used to describe hard-working, conscientious people who dedicate themselves to their tasks, spending gigantic time in work They are reliable to work with. Apart from describing people, It can also be an adjective and a noun for something serving as a specific, major and important function. Now we move on to get off your high horse. Susan used this idiom because she doesn`t think Carl has the right to judge her after his cheating on her with his secretary. This is an idiom to tell other people to stop talking like they have some sort of authority behaving in a superior manner and being self-righteous. It can be replaced by come off your high horse. Mike`s seeing Susan because he wants to see if it works between them. Try again after failure continuing what was a difficulty in the past with resilience. Sometimes No one can avoid getting the door slammed in your face but if you keep at it, there`s a chance it gets you where you wanna be. The last one, healthy as a horse, which is easy to understand. We all know horse is strong and can be used as labor. By the way,there`s another idiom “eat a horse” to describe you`re hungry and need much food to get back on your energy. When you say you’re as healthy as a horse, you’re strong and in a very good health condition. Health is the most important thing and please save it as your most valuable property. Idioms are everywhere


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