Horse Riding Experience & Getting on a ox cart

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Yomi was waiting with excitement. It looked like a child, more younger than her were riding well. Wow, even these little friends are already brave enough to ride the horse. How interesting it will be for Yomi. I’m so excited. It’s so cute to wait. I’m looking forward to it. clip-clop She kissed my mom for courage. How do you feel when there’s only one person left? Good Aren’t you nervous? I’m excited. Bounce! Bounce! Now it’s time to ride the horse. clip-clop Wow~ Wait for the horse and now you’re on the horse. You look so brave! Wow~ let’s go for it. clip-clop clip-clop To Yomi who is so precious. I ask her how did she feel at the time. Hey Yomi! How did that make you feel? That was great! Bounce~ Bounce~ I was happy~ Bounce~ Bounce~ I was happy. clip-clop clip-clop clip-clo~ op clip-clo~ o~~~~op clip-clop clip-clop~clip-clop clip-clop clip-clop clip-clop~ clip-clop Let’s meet Yomi who got the best marks for horse riding today. Come here. Come here. Come here. My mom is taking pictures of me. I want you to take a beautiful picture. Now, it’s your turn to ride the ox cart. Sometimes a cow poops in a piggyback ride. But once upon a time, most of the plants grew in the fields. When he found a cow poop, he was busy spreading it right out and spraying it on his own field. That’s why I didn’t see much of a cow dung. Even though there were many cows, So when you see a cow poop, ‘Oh! Today is a lucky day.’ He said there was a time when he was so precious that he thought about it. When you see a cow dung on the street, When you see a cow poop, It is very good luck today for you In the old days, we’d need a lot of cow dung. Now it’s time to ride the Big eyes’ cow. Let’s go to the ox cart! ~ Let’s go! What a rattle! Dad! You don’t have to hold your hand. Let’s see if there’s a cow dung! What do you think? Feeling? Oh, oh, oh I feel like I’m falling down like this. It’s so nice~ We’ll give you chestnuts. (Animal is resting) You have to be quiet! That’s right! Quiet! That’s right. I’m very considerate! I see crops to experience. I see rabbits, pigs, goats. This is like a pig. sheep Now it’s time to get on the cow’s back. Next friend, please. I’m gonna hit the right leg right here. 느낌이 부드러웠어? 소가? How was it? End of riding horse&cow ride! End of riding horse&cow ride!


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