Horse Stretches : Hind Leg Horse Stretching Tips


So when you are going to do the hind leg stretch,
run your hand down the horse’s hindquarters as though you are about to pick the hoof up
and pick their hoof out with your hoof pick. Pick the hoof up the way you normally would
and slowly, slowly, slowly you walk toward the horse’s head with it just holding it,
don’t torque on the horse’s foot, don’t twist it. Allow them to stretch it forward till
they are, till they let you know that they want you to stop and hold it there. Then carefully,
carefully walk backwards toward the horse’s back end and stretch the hoof out, stretch
their leg out carefully. If they show any signs of resistance that’s your cue to stop.
And hold it bring the hoof forward to its normal resting position and set it down. Try
to keep the horse from jerking the foot away from you, let them set it down slowly. That’s
a good boy.


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  1. Olivia K

    June 13, 2011 3:32 pm

    @GainingBananas Yeah, no, that looks so awkward. I don't know why she reached around his leg like that.


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