Horse Therapy program for physically disabled children celebrates 40 years

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You like horses? Yeah. Yes we love it we
look forward to it each week. Hunter is fun kid. Horses is his passion and so
when we got into this program when he was four years old and has been his life
he looks forward to it every week and he’s has like a a special bond with
horses and especially midnight the horse that he rides. Freedom Riders was
designed for physically disabled children ages from 3 to 18 but the
program started 40 years ago so this is our 40th year anniversary which really
means a lot. This has been part of my heart ever since. The value of being on a
horse is what they call hippotherapy it literally means therapy on a horse and
the reason why the horse is so valuable is the gate of the horse is like walking
and when a student who say is on crutches say is in a walker they really
get to feel what it’s like to walk and some of these children really advanced
in their physical disability just from being on a horse. He had cerebral palsy
so and he had like a tight tone in his left side and so originally
it was just to help out with his physical skills but then eventually it
has turned into social all social and just an emotional thing for him. In this 40th years we are having a big celebration on August 4th and we’re asking any former student
that’s ever been in Freedom Riders to contact me because we really would love
to have him there celebrating with us.


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  1. Stone Brooke Ranch

    December 31, 2018 9:21 am

    Aww I miss Midnight (the black and white paint horse) we used to volunteer there because my sister is disabled. You guys are amazing.

    Thank you.


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