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Tikers (Tee-kers) are you waiting for me. thank you lotta grass here. That’s front door you
can’t go in and I know you and April want to go inside. try not to step on my… yeah…
that you don’t want. Hi Sweet boy (laughing) Helloooo Look what a good boy you are being up here. Good boy. This is a
big deal for you to conquer huh… yeah Hi sweet baby.
oh Tee-kers. You’re so good. hi Apey, you guys gonna weed for me? That’s my wishing well don’t break it okay I kind of like it. (laughing) you do a good job here there’s a lot of grass it’s pretty darn
long. clean it all up okay? that’s my guys. hey April . Hey Tiki-too…you gonna come up here I know you’re frightened of this. yeah I have to wash
buckets that’s what I’m doing I know you’re scared of the rock. come on
you want a come… you can do it come on Big Boy good boy come on come on
good boy look at you. that’s right good boy on the rocks. Thats a good job on the stone here. He has been so frightened of this driveway. Good boy. That’s my van….you be nice to it ok? (laughing) See…nothing to be scared of I have to pick the stones out of your feet after Come on Apey.. show him the way. come on big girl . What a good boy. I really wish you guys would eat all this grass over here . It needs a good mow! I prefer it by my front door (laughing) Good boy Tiki… so proud so proud of you this is a big step for you. it’s a big step for him look at him on the driveway he’s on the driveway. this
is he’s scared to death of it this is the first time so and he’s doing it all
on his own. well they all are at first till they get
used to it but I’m very proud of him. good boy yeah I have to pick his feet out after
make sure there’s no stone stuck in there. that’s all right they can enjoy
the grass and all. When they go back in I’ll pick them out. good job guys good job


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