Horses for sale! – by Klaus Balkenhol


This right there is an 8-year-old gelding by Rockwell. They are outdoors for the first time this year because it’s been very cold and rainy. Again, this one is 8 years old. He just started piaffe and passage a little bit, also flying changes to both sides. The other brown one, the big one that’s walking away from us right now is 8 year old as well. He’s a gelding by Herzensdieb from a Friedenstraum Romulus mother, a Westphalian breed. He does passage as well and flying changes. A beautiful horse. I think this one will be great for the big shows one day. Just to give a little impression of those horses. Both of them are very easy to ride. Again, they are outdoors for the first time this year as it has been very cold and rainy. Very nice. Let’s have a look at the trot. Just let him do the trot, Nele. Just let go. I expect a lot from these brown ones by Rockwell. This horse needs a rider who can just continuously train it. Then it will be very promising. Both are absolutely suitable for Grand Prix. Yes, that’s a very clever horse.


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