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>>Catch this!
>>[talking in whisper] [sound of horses hoofs and the wind blowing; birds are chirping too]
[the temperature is bitter cold ~2 degrees F and windy]
[nancy has no gloves on her hands!]>>oh, they all went back
[voice is disappointed] I wonder if they will come back again.
[sound of running, prancing horses hoofs]>>One of them was dropping in the snow, rolling;
before I could get the video camera open [you can feel the weight of the horses from
the sound]>>Ahhh!
>>Stunning, just stunning isn’t it ? [voice is soft and in awe]
[lots of strong wind in the air] [bitter cold day in; trumbull county; middlefield,
ohio usa]>>Lets see if they will come back>>come back little horsies, come back
[sounds like calling softly to a baby or kitten]>>come on back horsies, come on back [you can smell the wood burning stoves around
here]>>here they come again
>>here they come, here they come [talking excitedly]
[sound of the horses; and birds lightly chirping]>>hi, hi [talking
[sound of a horse snorting, twice]>>they see me [excitedly]
>>can you see that? They see me! [one of the horses is looking in her direction]
>>hi, hi [high soft female voice] hi, hi, hi there, hello
>>I better get ready to high tail it in to my car
[there is a horse out of camera range to the right; which is looking at the woman and she
is a bit frightened]>>These are Amish horses [speaking to viewers;
she is goofy; this is an Amish farm!]>>hi hi
[high pitched and ?? very female] [speaking to the horses]
>>this is YouTube watching you>>Watching the Amish horses>>this one horse just dropped in the snow
and rolled and rolled [narration]
>>[higher pitched tone in females voice, more assertive]
[sound of horses hoofs and a buggy coming in the distance]
[speaking to viewers]>>A buggy, where the city meets the country
[pondering] [sound of horses and buggy gets louder, stronger]
>>I wonder if it’s ethical to video the Amish>>I want to be respectful
>>The Amish are nice people [thinking that she shouldn’t be stereo typing
people] [narration]
>>I saw one of them rolling in the snow; before I could get the video camera open, this one
horse just dropped down and was rolling in the snow.
[gasps]>>Look, they’re kissing! [exclaims]>>Look at it he’s falling in the snow, look,
look at him!>>Isn’t he beautiful!>>He just loves the
snow [speaking to the horse]
>>You’re a beauty, Your’ a beauty! [speaking to viewers]
>>Ohhh look! look at that!>>Well, my hands are about to fall off>>>there’s
a school bus>>[loud sound of a school bus approaching]
>>They love the snow! [pause] look at them!>>Well, I’m gonna shut this off for now. Have
a great day, where ever you are in your day.


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