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today’s video I’m going to be showing
you how many were my horses the first thing I do is I get all my Dean wormer
and I take it all out of the boxes and then I write all the purses names on the
tooth and I’ve got my weight tip here I’ll do
a quick way to everybody before I get on there dewormer and I had a lot of horses
that are smaller and what I do is I’ll give like this too but this is Echo Max
and it feeds up to her D worms up to 1,000 320 pounds so I can easily deworm
a larger purse and a small pony with one two so I went ahead and I wrote like
like muffin and lucky will be on the same tube and that sort of stuff to make
things quick and easy points okay so the first thing I do is I can’t wait to make
words so I used it to basically tape and going to get everybody do the best two
and three so she’s about nine hundred and thirty-eight pounds that’s what
we’re gonna go in so there’s a mark on there’s a mark on the dealer for nine
hundred and ninety thousand so that’s when she’s going to get so I’ll change
that and she’d be sharing it too with me so
somebody and just plain to put it right in the
corner come out that’s it
I always like to get away from my horses when I do we run because I want to make
sure that I’m accurate with my lead and I want to just check and see if
anybody’s gained a lot or lost I don’t want the time so typically write it down
but I just still in my mind where they’re at is why it
this is Nocona and she is at 11:26 that’s pretty standard for her now the
thing about these tubes actually like this is a chromatic section like this
one because the tubes are a little shorter and so for small hands it makes
it a little bit easier to push the finder it this particular force is my worst horse
to deworm she you can tell it was never something that was done with her when
she was younger I didn’t get her until we don’t know how old she is but she was
early teenage when we got her so she’s still not great about it but it’s
something that is a constant work in progress so she is by far the worst one
of my herd to do work and she was a lot worse when when the guard she 1172 and what I do is I just make
sure that my tape stays in a straight line from the withers down below right
behind the elbow okay I like to I like to prepare my
courses for their dewormer by frequently just pushing my thumb in the corner
their mouth this is the first step for me to ever be warming and once inside
let’s do that this is an Apple scented or applica labor dewormer I don’t dare
taste it to see if it’s true or not but it does kind of smell like casual so
this horse I’m going to give her the whole tube just because she has the
tendency to play some of it out of her home anyway so I start on the cheap
and I’m just going to wait and then I pull it away in a rubber so I just and any manner that I can get
it and I do but I want it to be a very quiet and simple process for her so
that’s a lot better than it used to be another thing that I’m going to do is
I’m going to come on the other side and just start a rubber Mouse over here and
put my thumb back in there and pattern and I’ll do the same thing on this side
and just it gets better every single time you know and I enter for couple
years but it gets better every single time and any time I have the opportunity
to take an empty tuba dewormer and it maybe even just stuff a couple pieces of
grain in it this horse will do anything for food so I can put a little bit of
grain in or even a plutoxin squirted around we do that on occasion and that
really helps her out a lot that was good that was a really good section for Rosie she’s going to be getting the rest of
his thank you missing any
so that we eat here when there’s two people whenever I did this myself Missy and mania you want to be super careful
with minis because it’s really easy to give them too much medication and they
can that they can die from that there’s one there’s one type of dewormer that is
extremely dangerous over giving an overdose so I am a very careful not to
get that one so it would be minis they are so fluffy that you really have to
pull down on three 63 64 okay my face through my hat
tightly as creators 30 pounds worth left in this – yes you are a little bit on our liquors I want to
make sure that we go to the 1100 mark that leaves 220
but I cannot share experinced and the spirits – so I think antibiotic era okay or Jack came a lot wait she’s usually in
like 989 like hi not a single way so I want her to settle
a little bit and if they ever found like big clumps
of grass or anything in their mouth or cane as they start to lick and stuff
it’ll it’ll just all come out a bit I haven’t fed anybody yet everything
falling out of their mouth now every first time my property is you earned a
little bit differently than the next I like to do strategic deworming and with
strategic deworming we have the vet to of people sample every spring and then
we get back we ever been to a fecal sample every spring and then we get back
the results in the horses and they’re categorized into a low moderate or high
sugar so the forces that are low shutters get dewormed twice a year so
they get a product like um some extra gold or aqua max in the spring and then
again in the car and then the horses who are moderate shutters they get 3d
mermaid’s a year so there’s just one more in the middle of the year like Jill
jr. July and then my hai shatters they get 4d work to Morgan’s here so they get
spring June July and then and the phone so and muffin is I believe
she’s a low shutter see and now here’s something funny that they mostly all do
is you bring the viewer close to their face and they’ll all do that like where
they smack their lips they just know that it’s coming so but anyway so with
the strategic deworming the reason I switched to that so used to do
rotational deworming where you just do remem every other month year round to me
it just made a lot of sense to see what if the horses individual needs are and
do it based on that so cost-wise ends up being cheaper to do
the strategic deworming a fecal sample is roughly twenty dollars and then our
tubes a dewormer z– let’s say they’re approximately ten dollars so if we’re
deworming only four times a year that’s forty dollars plus the fecal sample is
twenty dollars so that equals up to sixty bucks
same as it was to do rotational and the thing that I like about it is we’re
helping prevent the resistance that worms our worms are becoming resistant
to the different medications so and it’s also less chemicals going into the
horse’s bodies that sort of thing and it’s more work so it’s just a lot
it works so much better for me to do it this way I really like and my Venson
recommended it for many years okay what’s 1320 minus dpd here’s a
reason why you have to be good in math so many people I don’t need time after
school if you have horses you do you got to know you can be able to figure simple
stuff out factoring you’re paying all that okay so
she’s gonna get me a tea and she’s hearing this too with my keys so something important too to think about
people who have box in deworm there’s certain breeds of dogs that are
extremely sensitive to like hyper mech tip I I know somebody who had a
colleague and the collie eight horse pooped after the horses
birth be burned with fire mekt and I believe and the dog ended up dying from
this so I’m always really careful I like to deter them all in the same spot so I
can easily clean up the floor if I need to we haven’t spilled anything yet but
it’s something to think about and but it’s certain breeds of dogs that are are
more sensitive to it but we have chickens cats everything I want to make
sure that they don’t eat any of the dewormer around before I think
now she’s got a bunch of hate in her mouth coming out there we last a little bit so I’m going
to give her the rest of the tools as we lost them
and now something that’s important to think about too is I don’t just like
come active with it I come down the side of the face and push it into the corner
of the mouth nice and gentle that way it’s not as big of a deal but a lot of
people are you know they just really broken with it and then horses really
don’t take two penny Tibet so I’m always seemed very conscious how I do it hey hey Danny one a folder my god she’s
huge she really is yeah special – nowhere near that thing in she’s done
like she goes in the arena and usually she’s wonder like running kicking up her
heels she like try to laugh it’s just like yeah there’s a baby in this valley
so and very careful though and what you use
when you have a pregnant mare have to make sure that it is never shadows numbers f9 report 12:03
she’s usually like 1067 so she’s now I have never put a weight tape on
her she was been saddled a couple of times so we’ll see I might just get used
to it and may not actually even check her weight but I might just put it on
her and see how she does with it what this is all this folks really patient
and waiting and need quiet visit and eventually this is not going to bother
her at all but right now she doesn’t understand so I just meet oh my gosh she
is 10:23 so the curveball for your first
weight and I never D where I gave birth remember one time but threw up I just
gave it to her in rain I never even put the tube in her mouth because I hadn’t
handled her enough at that point sorry it wasn’t willing to uh I wasn’t willing
to give it to her early and when I do that all I do is simply just put it in a
little bit of like a senior feat something that sweeter and mix it up
nobody so I have had my I am going to put my thumb in your mouth
just as I want to make sure that she’ll open up from there and I’ll just do this
a couple it’s fine as perfect
oh that tastes funny like that yucky what did you put in my
mouth but that was though as I couldn’t have asked for her to be better through
that that was really good but that’s how it should be I don’t want to scare them
the first few times that their dewormed be quiet then they’re going to remember
that forever so like every worse that I’ve gotten from Dani and her family
which is a lot they all are taking the tube out of your
hands they want to get that like well I hope you found this video helpful
if you did be sure to give it a like share it with your friends and comment
below let me know if there’s any tips tips or tricks that you have for deewana
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    May 31, 2019 12:13 am

    You have an excellent and smooth deworming method….I wish mine would stand that calm for it! With patience, the job gets done, however. 🙂 LOL the dog running back and forth with the ball…."Hey Mom! Are you done yet? Let's play!"


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