How ponies made the Season 4 [Animation]


Hold on! Twilight, have you forgotten your words again? *squee* *sigh* Once more… Action! *tock* *beep beep* Huge tentacle plants all around Ponyville? How you’re going to do that? *a wild greenscreen appeared* Yeah, right… *beep beep* Boulder and I sometimes play a game called “Camouflage.” *awkward silence* I forgot the text. *chuckle* Sorry! *beep beep* I wonder who thought of that. So do I. *weird cracking noises* Spike, stop eating the castle! Yasher chrenov. [RU / Damn lizard] *beep beep* *flame sound effect* Won’t that be dangerous? Definitely not. *flame sound + victim rage* Well… maybe a bit. *beep beep* …….. [Whatever] *Twilight drinks* [The moment of realization] *spits* What is this?
[I also wanna know] Whoops. This is mine. Sorry. [YOU HAVE BEEN PINKIE-ED!] Hah.. hahahm.. ahahhahhaha… *silently sniffs* ehem.. *beep beep* There’s still one key missing. The key that repre– There’s still one key missing. The key that repre– The key that repre– Twilight, you might be.. I’M FINE! The key that repre– *bleep* *beep beep* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA UH-OHOHOHOHOHHAHAHAHAHAHA AHHAHAHAHAHAHA [THOSE EYES] *ze temptation* *drinks*
[Now I really wanna know what is that] *beep beep* Hey! She looks more like a princess than you. [Turn yo head, Luna] *purrs* *dǝǝq dǝǝq* *HISS* *appul fails* That’s the twelfth take. I’m feeling dizzy already. Try once again. We have to shoot this scene. Ohhh…
;( *next scene sound effect* Why do the screenwriters hate me so much? *beep beep* [this is probably the answer to your previous question] TWILIGHT! Where are you? We’re about to start! One minute. [Twi, there are waaaay better games on Steam] *beep beep* Okay, moving on! The exploding library scene. Standables, on your marks! Good luck! *beep beep* *HISS* *eats apple* *spits* YAY! Great! Well done! Now we can take a break. *taking papers and trotting away* Umm… Anyone? Ohhh..


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  1. Добрый Добрый

    December 31, 2018 11:08 pm

    1:17 он сказал ящер Хренов на русском (анимация на английском языке)

  2. Solar' ok

    March 30, 2019 10:20 pm

    Вы ведь все понимаете, что ведущего озвучил русский, да?

  3. maddy miller

    June 9, 2019 5:29 pm

    Guys, stop getting on Twilight’s case for not saying “represents” right, she’s an actress and sometimes Actors and Actresses sometimes get tongue tied when they are in camera, sometimes they are under pressure to preform well and not waste film because of multiple takes.

  4. Dan4ik 34

    June 25, 2019 1:29 pm

    Уже 2019 год, а я только заметил, что здесь есть русский чувак. Я по акценту это заподозрил – мои подозрения оказались верны

  5. krisalyn Silveira

    November 26, 2019 6:30 pm

    Imagine if this is what they went through before the seasons were released! That would be interesting! 🙂


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