How to Back a Horse

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Ok, we’re going to demonstrate today the three ways that you can ask the horse to back up. If you’re leading the horse and they’re
getting too close to you then you can face in the same direction as the horse
grab your lead rope and pull straight back and say back and we’re going to try to start gentle and
then increased pressure as necessary. I want him to go three steps back. So again you’ll grab the lead rope and you’ll pull straight back. Gentle… Then firm if you need to. Alright, the other way we can back them up is by putting our thumb in their chest, we talked about this earlier. And then the third way is if you’re
standing out in front of the horse you you can wiggle the rope and he should back up. So, again, your posture is going to be important because if you’re just standing here he’s probably not going to move backwards much. But we start gently, [to the horse]: back, back… Back, back, back… Increase the pressure until he backs. Good boy, now let’s try that again because he didn’t really listen to that, he was distracted So we’re going to start gently again. Back, back, back, back, back… Good boy. Let’s try it once more here. Back, he’s distracted, back… Good, that didn’t take quite so much pressure. So those are the three ways that you can back up while you’re on the ground.


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