HOW TO BATHE YOUR HORSE | Horses 101- Basics

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Hey there youtube! So this is gonna be a video
about how to bathe your horse. We have Kylan here demonstrating for us on her horse called Willa. Make sure you get the horse’s entire body wet, including their legs and face… Also make sure to wet down your horse’s tail. Next comes the most important part. Using your body sponge and soap and water, scrub the entire body of your horse. Take your time
and dont forget to scrub every inch of your horse. Pay special attention to the girth,
and saddle areas, as these can become the most dirty and sweaty. Always practice safe horse handling skills, and never stand directly behind an animal you don’t know! As Kylan
is currently demonstrating, you may wish to wash the tail by using a bucket of soapy water,
and then scrubbing thoroughly with your hands. Notice how Kylan now washes the tail as if
she was washing her own hair. Pay special attention here to the base of the tail, as
this is where most dirt and debris collects. Wash the mane in the same manner. Not all horses enjoy water on their face… and Willa is definitely not excluded from that list… It’s still very important to wash the face of the horse to make sure they stay healthy and clean;
and to get dirt and debris away from the eyes and nose. Make sure to thoroughly rinse all
the soap off your horse. Avoid pressing too hard or scraping over bones, as it may hurt your horse. Notice how she begins with the stomach… It’s important to sweat scrape the
underside of your horse, so they don’t become itchy and start kicking at the underside
of their stomachs.


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