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Hello Guys and Welcome to Mark’s Shrimp Tanks. I thought today, seeing as how it’s the 14th of December, we should do an update on my crossbreeding project. I did one, um I think it was about a month ago, so I think it’s time that I updated you on my progress. What I’m gonna change today as well is, I’m gonna add some shrimp to some of these other tanks and we’re gonna have a look to see what we have, okay? So what I’m gonna do guys, just because I want you to see the shrimp in the best possible qualities, we’re gonna switch to macro mode. One momento! Okay guys, this is my Orange Eye Blue Tiger tank, and this is the one where I have a Stardust in here as well, and I also have this Panda in here. This Panda looks to me like a female but her undercarriage is more shaped like a male, right? And if you look at the shape of it, what I mean here is she has the frying pan shape, um, on her side there that, that tells me she is a female, but when you look underneath it actually looks more like she’s a male with her undercarriage being kinda closed, right? So I’m not really sure about this shrimp and how it’s gonna do in this tank. Um, none of these shrimp in here are berried. This one at the front, at the very very front here, is a female, smaller ones are males. You can see the one of the normal morphs of the Blue Tiger found right behind those ones. There’s not really much else to say about this tank. Let’s go on to, um, my little breeding project with the Steels. Uh, this one, the the female is way at the back, you might be able to see her here, just, but she will be out of focus. Just here, you see her? She’s there, and she’s been berried for approximately 3-4 weeks now, with a, I think she has a cross from the TiBee, the Zebra TiBee that’s in here as well. You can actually just see him there as well, he’s on the sponge. And um, all you can really see in here just now is the babies from her last batch before I started my crossbreeding project. Okay so, just scattered about around in here there is a Blue Steels in the gravel etc. Um, in here, my Pintos, uh, one of the females is berried. It happens to be that one right there, dead center of the screen, she is berried. Umm, the rest I can’t really see anything going on with them at all, I’m changing nothing in this tank. Okay? There is the odd little TiBee running around in here as well that I see every now and again. Now this tank up here, uh, my plans for this today are I’m gonna add possibly a Crystal Black female. If I can find a good one I’m gonna put her in here today, because I want this tank to be as varied as possible, right? So, in here we’re going to have a Crystal Black female, and we’re also going to put in a Crystal Black.. a Crystal Red female as well, right? And the reason I’m doing this guys is because I want the fancy type shrimp as well, the ones where the Tiger breeds with the, um, normal Bee mutation and you get all fancy looking colored ones. Let’s go over to my other Orange Eye Blue Tiger tank here with the males, because this is quite interesting. The females in here have grown quite large. You can see her, she’s a big big girl. She is approximately 2.5 centimeters, and they are not berried though. Um, so they’ve grown quite large and I can’t really see any eggs. Let’s see, can we go under and have a little close-up look and see if she has eggs? It’s really really hard to tell. I noticed on the other one as well, is, is um, they’re not fanning like they typically do if they have eggs. So I’m pretty sure these 2 girls don’t have eggs. Beautiful shrimp aren’t you? Isn’t she? Big big girl. The other one is over there, but you can’t see because of macro mode, well maybe you can. Thank you. And the male is there as well, right? So my plan for this tank today is to, uh, move another male into this tank as well. See if we can speed up the mating process in here, because these 2 girls are growing and growing and growing and this male doesn’t seem capable of, um, fertilizing them. So that’s gonna change today, we’re gonna put a female in there as well. Let’s show you my Crystal Black tank with my King Kongs. ‘Cause some of the girls in here are getting really big as well. This is what happens when you do culling, uh, to the point where you take out all the smaller males/etc. You get something like this, you get quite a few big, um, Crystal Blacks. You can also see a Pinto here. Do you see it? Over there, with the red head. This is when I did the change from the Shrimp King soil, I acclimated a female into this tank that was berried and she had her babies in this tank. I’ve actually put a few of her babies into the other tank as well, so that’s where this one comes from. Um, so what we’ll do here is I’ll pick one of these females, I’ll pick one of the nice ones and they will be going into the bigger tank. Let’s have a little look at the Crystal Reds while we’re here. They’ve been fed and they’ve all scattered, you can see. They’ve all taken their little bit of food and they’ve beaten it basically. Now what I’m gonna do guys is I’m gonna show you me picking the shrimp today and we’re gonna acclimate them together, ’cause I thought that’d make this a little bit of an interesting video. Okay so one momento, I’m gonna get the equipment set up and we are going to drip acclimate them. So we are at the Crystal Red Shrimp tank and we are looking for a male here that has solid color. Okay because, um, with these crosses, what’s more important for me right now is the color and then we want the stripes and stuff from the Tiger, right? So we’re looking for a male in here that has solid color. Which might be a little bit harder than it looks because I haven’t really culled this tank in a while. So there’s quite a few males in here that are pretty bland, but we will find one. We will find one, and we shall see, right? So I’m wanting a shrimp that stands out, like one of the better ones. We might have to hunt for one. Here’s one here, this one’s quite good, but I’m not sure if this is a… See this one here? Let’s see, is this a male or a female? I think it is a male. Is there any better ones I can choose from? Mmm You don’t see, um, a lot of the, um, dullness in the shrimp that I do, looking from my eye. The camera, it shows that they’re actually quite bright, like this cam.. this shrimp looks very very good but it’s not that great. So let’s find one. This guy here, this guy… Oh! I think he wanted to be chosen there. This is what I like to do is push the net up against the glass, get them to turn… C’mon turn you little bugger …and then bring it up slowly not to panic them, and when you get to the top just wait for a second. Alright, because they will always try and jump. Now I’m using the camera and I don’t want to drop this guy. See his jumping? Right and I want to make sure make sure I get this guy, oh.. c’mon now don’t be difficult …into his little container without dropping him, because normally I would put my hand over the top. Right, let’s go on to the Crystal black tank. And see what nice colored female again we can use here now. I’m not gonna take the biggest females in here because some of them are really really nice but they, um, like some of the bigger ones, like here for example, this one, she hasn’t been berried for a while. So I’m pretty sure a lot of the females, they get to certain sizes and then they just stop breeding completely. So let’s have a hunt for a female, this one here is a nice one there. She’s pretty small but I can tell already she’s gonna be a nice female. So let’s have a quick look over here, this one’s nice as well, this one’s actually very nice, I think this is the one. This one probably has Taiwan Bee genetics because you can see the difference in the color, her colors are much more vivid, uh, than a normal Crystal Bee. You nor- you normally get that with Crystal Blacks that have been crossbred with Taiwan Bees. Right so, I’m pretty sure, if you look at her side here, that this is a girl. She has the round spot, the frying pan, signature thing like you would see from a girl Even if she is not a girl.. I mean she does look a little bit thin but she might be a male, but even if she is a male she will still breed with other ones in the tank anyway. It’s not, I’m not specifically looking for a male or female for that tank, right? So, let’s get her out of the tank. With a little bit of luck… she will dive right in. Like so. Get it to the top, let them do their thrashing around for a second, let them relax. ‘Cause I hate it guys when I do this and the shrimp jump out (laughing) of the net onto the floor and it makes life so difficult because I want to save the shrimp but it’s hard for me to do on camera. Right, there you go. And while we’re here, right? Because, I was looking at this tank here there are some really really nice shrimp in here now. K14 tank, this, there’s a male there that’s K14 and the white is solid and the crown is absolutely awesome. There’s also quite a lot of these beautiful, um, Goldens here. So we’re gonna add a Golden as well just to put that into the mix. I’ll probably take this one here, the one that’s right on the side that’s easy for me to get. We have a tub already ready for him, so let’s go. Let’s see, will he play ball? I can’t get the net against the side properly here so.. Just be gentle, c’mon! Go in yourself little shrimpy. Shrimp always, when they move if they panic, they always go backwards, right? So you want to cover the back quarter of their, of their little bodies. See how I’m kinda angling the net at the back? So in case it jumps backwards it will go jump straight into the net kinda thing. In you go. Right, up to the top, let it do it’s thrashing around if it does it, some of them don’t some of them do. Alright, let it relax. Let him know it’s not gonna be killed. And here we go. Right so that’s 3 shrimp I have, I’m gonna quickly set up the drip acclimators and then I’ll be right back. The acclimation is over and now we’re gonna add them to the tank. Let’s do this one first though because this will be the hardest one because this space here is so small. We’re gonna try and tip this guy into the tank, okay? So with a bit of luck he will go in here first time… Oh, there he goes! That’s how easy it was and he’s away swimming to the back, see him? Now again, I want to emphasize that these were “double-dipped” and that means I let this fill up twice with water, before I did anything else, okay? Let’s get these guys done over here too. This is the Golden that’s going in here. What was cool guys, I noticed earlier on, before I put this beautiful little shrimp in here, I noticed the shrimp love cholla wood. They seem to be grazing on the cholla wood more than anything else. I do notice it gets a little bit of fungus on it and it also gets quite a bit of algae on it. I’ll show you the algae in one of the other tanks actually. So there we have a Golden in here. And we’re gonna put a Crystal Black female in here, I think she’s a female, but even if she’s not, it doesn’t matter this tank is a, it has quite a variation of shrimp now in it. Let’s see… You know the other variation of shrimp that I could put in here as well is an, is an Orange Eyed Blue Tiger, which I might actually do as well. I might leave that for the next time though, we shall see. Come on, out you go. Isn’t that cool? So there’s another variation, look at the.. Remember I said to you guys that she might have, um, Taiwan Bee genetics because of how vivid and contrasting her colors are? Look at this one here, this is a Panda there, this is a Crystal Black. There’s not really that much difference apart from, uh, the face around the rostrum area is black, see it? So I think she might be, um, a Mischling, some type of Mischling that is morphed a little bit, ‘Cause some, sometimes you get these shrimp like this, and they have more vivid colors than your standard Crystal. Alright? So there is my video for the 14th of December, my crossbreeding journal. Hopefully the next time you see this we should have some berried shrimp in here. I think I will also add an Orange Eye Blue Tiger in here, just to give it that little bit of a mix. Thank you for watching guys! If you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comment section below. And I’ll catch you the next time.. What are they doin’? They’re fighting over a.. over something like “ooh gimme it!” See you later guys! Byee~


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  1. Glenn Douglas

    December 17, 2017 8:08 am

    Hello mark why do you have the green dishes in your shrimp tanks?
    Great video.
    Happy holidays to you and the family.

  2. It ́5 2k

    December 17, 2017 9:16 am

    Really good work Mark please continue with your videos, thank you for all your private time you put in there, and it's always fun to look into your beautiful aquarium and to follow the updates.

  3. bobfal

    December 17, 2017 10:55 am

    It would be interesting to know what the deal is with the shape of females, why are some more prominent than others. Wonder if the shape changes after the first births


    December 17, 2017 11:37 am

    Great work mark!you inspire many hobbyist like me to continue and expand our shrimp keeping!keep up the good work

  5. Heather Nielsen - Scarlet Aquatics

    December 17, 2017 3:35 pm

    Can't wait to see more updates on this! Very interesting and entertaining, thank you!

  6. goodstrong

    December 17, 2017 3:43 pm

    Enjoy your vids Mark. Learning a lot from you. After the new year I plan on starting up a tank or two for breeding. Already have a 5 gallon with male endlers and a few cherry shrimp. You should get a laser pointer to use when you’re trying to point out individual shrimp.

  7. JV Carpentry

    December 19, 2017 6:10 pm

    Mark, order some micro crabs you will love them. I'm keeping them with my shrimps and they fun to watch

  8. Soflo

    December 20, 2017 3:19 am

    Love to watch your videos and see you setups, almost got my 40 breeder ready for cherry shrimp, then after that's done I'm setting up another one for another neocaridina type. Any advice? Love the videos keep up the good work and happy holidays!

  9. Digital Advertising

    December 21, 2017 1:08 am

    Hai!! I just wanted to know how to find difference b/w ghost shrimp and amono shrimps. If there is a video please send me the link. I did not find the video. Thank you. Please make a video regarding this and the habitat and food habits of each kind.
    Thank you.

  10. João Pedro

    January 27, 2018 5:14 am

    Mark wich substrate do you use in the last tank that you show ? the one with the blue bolts and the pandas

  11. Chloe Roland

    October 19, 2018 9:00 am

    Lovely looking tanks Mark. Always enjoy your videos. Just wondering what the fluffy/grassy looking moss is in your tanks please? Thanks, Chloe

  12. Mik t

    March 25, 2019 7:21 pm

    Mark, what is the name of the moss you have in your tanks? the ones that look like lettuce. thanks

  13. Ramz Mahmood

    December 11, 2019 4:34 pm

    Really love to breed cardina shrimps … Tried a lot but very less tolerant I. Can you suggest which type of cardinal is good to start with

  14. Fred Munoz

    February 17, 2020 10:40 pm

    I hate all the ridiculous names they use in the shrimp trade that do nothing to describe or identify the shrimp to the novice.


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