How to Clip a Horse : How to Finish Clipping the Legs of a Horse


Hi, I’m Mara Keith-Hunter for Expert Village.
Today I would be talking about how to clip a horse. The next thing I would do is clip
the entire leg. When I say the entire leg I just mean the white area. This is optional
not everyone likes to do this but you can. If your horse a white sock clipping the entire
white sock it is just going to help you keep it clean and once again just keep that outline
nice. You want to start by making sure that it is all nice and clean here. So just like
we have clipped the basic start, just with these basic areas but instead you are going
to keep going. You are going to work all the way up to the leg. Keeping even pressure so
you have a nice even clip and you are going to keep clipping all the way up. Then when
you get up to the chestnut area you are just going to let it thin out a little bit so you
would blend the hair in. So there is not a sharp line from when you started the clipping
until you end. So just blend in this hair and you just going to take the pressure off
a little bit. Like so.


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  1. TheChelseyDee

    May 1, 2010 7:48 pm

    Your horse is cute (: reminds me of my old guy.

    I've also heard flipping the clippers over is the best way of blending the white and dark hairs together. Thats what I do, and it looks so nice and professional ! Everytime I try to just lift the pressure off a little it looks choppy. I flip my clippers over whenever I'm wanting a natural blended clip, like with the goat hairs on the cheecks, under the chin, and on the neck and chest (my arab has random long hairs, even in the summer!)

  2. Preslee Jorgenson

    June 24, 2011 7:42 pm

    i am so scared to clip all the white on my horse! he has four white socks that go halfway up his leg so im debating if i should trim them. and we have a show next week :/

  3. Morgan Fitts

    March 23, 2014 3:07 pm

    We usually have to twitch or sedate our horses for clipping. It makes it a whole lot easier on us and a better experience for them.


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