How to Clip a Horse : Types of Clipping Blades for Horses

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Hi, I’m Mara Keith-Hunter for Expert Village.
Today I would be talking about how to clip a horse. So there are many different sizes
of clipping blades and it is important to know the size that you need before you start
clipping. If you look on the actual blade there is a number, this is a size 10. 10 is
probably the most useful most average size. We are going to use this for his ears, his
bridle path, and his legs. As you get into the higher numbers, this is a size 40 blade
and size 40 is really only used on the muzzle where you can really get a close shave. Some
people really use it on other parts maybe their ears, you have to be very confident
that you are good at clipping. Because this is close to a surgical cut. They do make higher
sizes like 50 actually is surgical. That is the size that you use if you had a veterinarian
clinic before they do a surgery that is less commonly used.


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  1. OlliMSa

    January 22, 2011 4:06 pm

    You did not mention what size blade to use for the full body – the rest of the body. What size do you recommend and why?


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