How To Convince Your Parents To Buy A Horse | To Horse Lover Parents

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hey y’all there are plenty of other how
to convince your parents to buy you a horse videos and you’ve probably watched
them all but what they didn’t tell you is there are other ways to own a horse
so if you’re interested in thinking a different way to go about this dilemma
keep on watching if you are a parent or friend watching this your child or
friend has probably talked about horses at some point they’ve done their
research and they watched the how to convince your parents to buy you a horse
videos but they want to do more than convince you they want your
encouragement and they want to feel like they’re going somewhere to making The Horse Dream Their Reality so here’s three ways to help a horse dreamer
without buying a horse number one listen to them yes I know they go on and on and
on listen with full attention I know they’re just gonna repeat themselves but
let me tell you what not listening can do when a horse dreamer is tuned out
or told not to talk about horses they start to feel discouraged and think
their dream is impossible or unachievable you may know nothing about
horses and you may even have no desire to learn but you don’t have to learn
everything just listening can do wonders for a horse dreamer number two start
learning a few things here and there they may grow out of the horse loving
phase but what if they don’t because most don’t you have a huge impact on how
they grow so if they start talking about this video they saw of an event where a
rider or owner did such-and-such and then they bring it up again the next day
take time to either have them show you or research what they’re talking about
so then you can come back with but did you see this or did you know this about
it get excited with them be a facilitator let them know that you’re
not just listening but you’re investing in their hopes and dreams that doesn’t
directly cost money number three be honest while encouraging them after
realizing that I wasn’t going to stop talking or wanting horses my dad told me
to research how much owning a horse would cost knowing that I would get hit
with reality check as I was 15 years old
without a steady income my parents couldn’t afford a horse but they did do
things here and there that were great reminders that I could make this happen
whether its financial reasons or its maturity knowledge reasons be
encouragingly honest with them just because you can’t own a horse right now
doesn’t mean they can’t make The Horse Dream Their Reality in the future if you think they’re not ready to own a horse yet that doesn’t mean that they’re not
going to mature and gain knowledge as time goes on whatever the case The Horse Dream Journal is perfect for them it’ll teach them how to budget and why it’s
important and walk them through the best steps to prepare them for being
responsible horse owners if you’re interested in the horse dream journal it
is linked up here and in the description below I hope this has helped horse
dreamers friends and parents feel more confident helping their horse dreamer
without buying the horse for them the feeling you get when you finally make
the horse dream your reality is insane and I’m proud and grateful of myself for
making the horse dream my reality and I want to do the same for y’all in the
best ways I can so I hope that you join our community by subscribing to the
horse dream youtube channel if you are interested in the horse dream journal it
is up there at the top and also in the description below it is full of topics
that are designed to encourage and prepare you to become a responsible
horse owner I hope y’all have a great day and go make The Horse Dream Your
Reality see ya


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  1. blazewing the therian

    February 9, 2019 10:56 pm

    Can this work when you are 10+?? Because I've always wanted a horse and I'm 10 turning 11 soon


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